29 December 2012

Seeing Red: Update

At the start of this year, I made a post about changing the color of our front door. Here's what it looks like now:

Now to find the perfect door knocker...

15 December 2012


I've been having a bit of a dilemma - to decorate or not to decorate?

At first I was excited, but then the thought of having to pack and ship everything home gave me pause (not to mention the cost). So I am still undecided which is the reason why there hasn't been much activity on this blog lately.

But since Christmas is around the corner, I was thinking it would be too sad if we didn't have anything that looked remotely festive. So I decided on a disposable Christmas tree.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a small 160 cm tree for just SGD 12.99 over at Giant. When I went back to buy it yesterday, they were already sold out with no plans of restocking. Thus I bought the next inexpensive tree at SGD 32.99 with a metal base - it was the same height and the only difference being the cheaper one had a plastic base with more tips. In other words, the cheaper tree was a much better deal. Lesson learned - when you see it, buy it.

The red and gold balls were from Daiso at SGD 2 per pack of 10 balls. The red and gold flowers at SGD 3.95 each (I got 10 pieces) were purchased from Takashimaya along with the lights at SGD 11.90.

One item I will most likely keep is the star tree topper from Metro at SGD 23.90. I also wanted to buy a wreath but the prices ranged from SGD 50-90 which I thought was too expensive considering I am planning to dump almost everything in the trash bin after the holidays. I could store it but again, lugging it home will be a problem when we leave.

Total bill: SGD 116.29

Hmmm... when added together, that doesn't seem too cheap. Maybe I'll keep the red and gold flowers too.

24 November 2012

Shopping Directory

I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to find things for the house here compared to the U.S. or Manila. At first I thought it was because I was not familiar with the stores, but after reading a few home decor magazines that interviewed other expatriates, it turns out I am not alone.

For example, the department stores in Manila will have just about everything under one roof - it was just a question of which store carried the version or brand you wanted. Here, one store will have a few things and you'll have to go to other stores to find the other things you need.

And the same applies to grocery stores too - I visited five supermarkets before being able to find decaf coffee. I assumed that because this place is such a busy port, there would be loads of options. Turns out not.

So I've decided to list the few shops I've been to in case someone might find the information useful. I could not take photos though as picture taking is usually not allowed.


When it comes to the home section, it's a little smaller than the other department stores, but you'll never know what you might find so still worth going to.


There are many tempting things to buy here though a bit pricey compared to IKEA. They had a wooden magazine holder in aqua blue with inner yellow and white stripes for SGD 22.40.

Holland Village

Definitely worth a second visit as I found quite a few shops selling quirky decor pieces for the house. There's a store selling tablecloths from India - loved the designs (price range was around SGD 60-100 depending on the size).

You'll also find the Parisilk appliance store in this area. Based on the forums I've checked, their prices are lower compared to other stores found in malls. I inquired about the Canon Powershot S110 a few weeks ago, and they were selling it for SGD 70 less than Best Denki.

Howard's Storage World

This is where we bought our laundry hamper, shower caddy and kitchen drawer organizers among other things. I prefer this place over IKEA when it comes to buying things for home organization.


I had to restrain myself from buying most everything here otherwise the apartment will look like an IKEA catalogue. And if you want nice and affordable lamps, this is definitely the place to go to. We live next door to Jalan Besar where you'll find rows of stores selling light fixtures. But it was only in IKEA that I found something that I liked not only in terms of looks but also in price point.


Same as BHG.


Another interesting place to buy decor, table and kitchenware. Though in terms of style and more options, I'd go with Francfranc.

King & King Wong

Worth a look since they're similar to Iwannagohome and Francfranc and they seem to have more furniture pieces.

Lim's Arts and Living

If you're a fan of Asian decor or antiques, then this place should be on your itinerary. They have branches in Holland Village and City Square Mall.

Mega Discount Store

Almost all of our appliances came from here - vacuum cleaner, iron, dvd player, electric fan, etc. I compared them with the sale prices of Courts and Mega Discount was way cheaper for the same model and brand.


Tons of clocks, but only if you like modern design. The same goes for their furniture.


For the minimalists out there, they have plastic storage boxes, furniture, towels and bed linen.


As mentioned in a previous post, they have more options when it comes to bedsheets, mattress toppers, pillows, etc. And sometimes, they're cheaper too.

Roomy Room

Looking for reasonably priced teak furniture? Then you'll have to drop by this place. If I remember correctly, they were selling a six-seater dining set for SGD 700+. A buffet table made of teak was going for around SGD 250+. The catch is they're only open in the afternoon on weekends and they don't accept credit cards.


Located in Tampines 1, this shop is smaller than the other stores (i.e. Francfranc and Iwannagohome), but equally as interesting.


A good, but sometimes pricey, all around department store. Generally, they have more on offer than Robinsons or Tangs. We got plastic soap dishes, microwavable containers and the water filter from here.


As with Takashimaya and Robinsons, you'll find everything from small appliances to kitchen items.

Tatty Marsh

Anglophiles will love it here. They sell all things British including candy.

The Furniture Mall

I was expecting a huge mall filled with furniture and decor stores, but turns out to be a bit smaller than what I had in mind. We were able to find the dining set (table from UnikHome and chairs from Star Living) here though so it's worth a visit if you want to find more options. Unfortunately, I don't remember seeing a decor store...

The Good Things

I love their Newgate clocks! Takashimaya sells the same clocks, but at a higher price.

The Shop House

Their Tanglin Mall branch has a lot of cushions and soft furnishings.

Other Stores Worth Mentioning

FairPrice Xtra

These stores have everything from appliances and indoor portable clothes lines to outdoor supplies (e.g. airbeds). And generally, they are cheaper than everyone else. Need a rice cooker at 2 AM? Mustafa is open 24 hours.

31 October 2012

On a Cloud

During our stay at the Parkroyal on Beach Road, I loved the bed so much that I wanted to recreate it in our guest room. My goal is to provide a bed so comfortable, our guests will remember it long after they've left. A bit ambitious yes, but I'll try anyway. Hahaha!

The first thing I did while at the Parkroyal, was to check the bed for the supplier of the beddings and found that the pillows and mattress pad were done by Northern Feather Asia. I was able to buy two pillows from them, but not the mattress pad as they only do them as a special order and suggested I contact the hotel.

I dutifully sent an email to the hotel and found that they do not sell their beddings unlike other hotels (e.g. Westin), but helpfully advised I check out Robinsons department store which is where I ended up buying the mattress topper. I've visited other stores and found that Robinsons was not only cheaper but they had more options.


As mentioned in a previous post, we got the bed from IKEA. We decided on the firmest mattress we could afford as our parents need more support for their backs. Mom liked it, but my Dad (who is nine years older than my mother), said that it took some getting used to as it was too hard. Hmmm...


These are called NF Super Soft Pillows and are are composed of 50% down and 50% feather infill at SGD 110 each without GST.

My Mom asked about the pillows (without my mentioning anything) when they were here a few weeks ago. It turns out she really liked them, but could not believe I paid that much for pillows. I think they were well worth the cost since she ended up asking about them out of the blue.

Pillow Encasings

We have two sets of these. The ones in the guest room are from Protect-A-Bed and were bought on sale (SGD 31.20 each) over at Robinsons. The ones we use in our room are from Mission: Allergy made from premium microfiber (USD 18.95 each) that we ordered from the U.S. as they were prescribed by Earl's allergologist. Earl, unfortunately, is very allergic to dust mites.

I'm mentioning this in case someone out there also has an allergy problem because according to his doctor, Mission: Allergy is the best brand available at the moment.

Mattress Protector

This we also purchased from IKEA. It's placed on top of the mattress to prevent it from getting stained and at SGD 15.90, the Skydda L├Ątt is not a bad deal.

Mattress Topper

Through a bit of research online, I found that it is the mattress topper that makes a bed very soft - as one person posted, like sleeping on a cloud. Originally, I was planning to get a feather topper like the one from Northern Feather Asia, but a sales lady introduced me to the down (feather) alternative and I was sold as it felt softer and not as lumpy as the feather version. The feathers would have made for a cooler bed, but since the mattress is quite firm I decided that it needed a bit more padding. Also, our guests will mostly be under air conditioned comfort anyway so it won't be an issue.

The brand I really wanted, Snowdown, was out of stock in Singapore - as in the entire country did not have the queen sized mattress topper available! So I got King Koil Micro-Gel instead at SGD 279.30.

Note: There are other feather toppers out there that are very soft (composed of down feathers or a combination of feathers and alternative down) but they were way beyond our budget.

The mattress topper was delivered last week and we have visitors arriving this month so I'll have to wait and see what they think of the bed. The guest room, like everything else, is a work in progress as I will only buy things once funds are available.

My next project is to buy bed linens made from Tencel. I saw it in one of the stores and really liked the texture, but it too will have to wait.

15 October 2012


I had a hard time looking for a sofa due to space constraints - it could only be a maximum of 140 cm wide. I looked at quite a few stores and searched online, but it was either too big or too expensive. In the end, we settled on IKEA:

Solsta two-seat sofa-bed - SGD 179
Stockholm Cirkel throw pillow - SGD 29.90
Assembly and delivery fee - SGD 105 (includes the delivery of the bed)

I must say though that it was not a bad purchase since everyone who has sat on it has remarked how comfortable it is. I don't want to use it as a bed though as the sofa cushions would need to be on the floor. So for our extra guests (those in excess of two), we bought an airbed instead.

08 October 2012

Guest Bed

In the short time we've lived in Singapore, I've quickly learned that mattresses and bed frames are rather expensive around here. Another concern was that there's not enough space in the guest room.

And just like other decisions we've had to make when it came to the house back home, this again was a toss-up between aesthetics and practicality. Do we get a trundle bed so that there's more space and we could place a night table with a lamp? Or do we buy a queen bed knowing that most of our would-be guests are married?

So after looking around the shops and with our parents in mind, we got the smallest and firmest queen bed we could afford from IKEA.

And though we decided to go without a bed frame to save on space, people would still need to walk sideways to get to their side of the bed. It really makes me wonder why our landlord used this room as their bedroom and not the bigger one (maybe because the master bedroom gets a lot of sun in the afternoon?). And to think that the bed they used is actually two centimeters wider than this one.

Sultan Aukra mattress base with legs - SGD 269
Sultan Hamnvik - SGD 499

Note: The curtains are owned by the landlord.

04 October 2012

Dining Table & Chairs

At first, I was thinking of buying the table and chairs from IKEA, but since we don't have a kitchen counter the table would need to do double duty. The only problem is that most of what they sell have fibreboard tabletops.

I went around a few furniture shops before deciding on the following from the Furniture Mall:

- Mahogany table with glass top (130 x 90 cm) from UnikHome - SGD 716 including delivery
- Four dining chairs from Star Living - SGD 406 including delivery

Never thought that I'd go for a rather modern look, but that's the theme of the apartment so we may as well go with it. This option costs just SGD 32 more than the IKEA version inclusive of assembly and delivery fees.

10 September 2012

The Neighborhood

Here's what the area looks like:

Views from the Main Bedroom window

To the right of the window are shophouses:

To the left is a condominium and the mall which has a link to the MRT station:

View from the Living/Dining/Kitchen window

03 September 2012

The Rental Process: Part 3

After viewing eight (8) apartments in what basically amounts to just one day, we've decided on where we will live for the next year and a half. Here's how we arrived at that decision:

- nicely decorated (in my opinion)
- secure
- diagonally across a mall with a supermarket
- 35 minutes to the office including walking
- has a built-in oven
- separate washer and dryer
- ample closet space
- modern bathroom
- near an MRT station (one entrance is through the mall)
- very short walk to the bus stop and a small hawker center

- main bedroom is facing northwest
- no other furniture aside from the bed, closets, and desk with chair
- only one small bathroom
- no kitchen counter
- not enough space for a sofa in the living area

The pros outnumber the cons, but more importantly it was the only unit that I got excited about and Earl loves the location. It was a win-win situation for both of us, but what made us decide quickly were the following:

- some apartments are gone as soon as they're listed so we didn't want to get too picky. We might end up with something worse because we were waiting for something "better."
- having seen eight (8) flats, we believe that we have a pretty good idea of what others will look like. Six (6) of them, for example, all looked more or less the same.

Of course, time will tell whether the cons will overwhelm the pros.

Living/Dining/Kitchen Area


Main Bedroom

Guest Room

11 August 2012

Renovation Update 12

We had the house blessed last Thursday as today is the day we leave for Singapore. Unfortunately, Rabacon is not yet finished with the house and Earl is not too pleased with the delay. He was hoping to have everything done before leaving.

The contractor got a little busy other projects and despite assuring us that things would be completed prior to our departure, it seems they didn't take into account the monsoon season.

Luckily for them, we're planning to come back within a few weeks due to various errands.

06 August 2012

The Rental Process: Part 2

The first day we met Victor Nai, we only had a couple of hours to spare as Earl had teleconferences after lunch. But it was a fun two hours since he was an amiable guy and very easy to talk to.

He picked us up at the hotel and brought us to see two apartments. I will just describe the units because when I asked one owner's agent if I could take pictures, she had this confused look on her face and inquired why I needed to take them. I didn't ask again which is just as well since the camera's battery died on me and I didn't bring the charger.

Side Note: The apartment owners also have an agent and all transactions are coursed through them. So if we have a question or request, we would inform our agent who would then contact the owner's agent who in turn will ask the owner.

Apartment 1 - Midas
Rate - SGD 3300
Size - 76 sqm.
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 2

• Pros:
- 10 minutes to the office by bus
- has one queen bed and one twin bed
- other existing furniture can be bought from the owner
- building has a pool

• Cons:
- guest room can only fit one twin-sized bed
- a bit of a walk to the nearest MRT station
- bedrooms and living area are facing directly west
- construction on both sides of the building so it's rather noisy
- small cramped kitchen
- no oven and sofa - owner used bean bags for seating

Apartment 2 - Sims Avenue
Rate - SGD 3000
Size - 109 sqm.
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 3

• Pros:
- 5 minute walk to the MRT station which is on the CC line so Earl just needs one ride to work
- very spacious bedrooms both with their own bathrooms
- fully furnished
- a short walk to the grocery (Fair Price)

• Cons:
- sofa is made mostly of wood with thin cushions - think Asian themed furniture that you can't lounge in
- fridge has a few rust spots in front
- a couple of holes and watermarks in the master's bathroom ceiling
- not very secure - low fence and you can follow other residents inside
- no oven and dryer

The second and last day we met up with Victor was split into two parts. In the morning, we visited two more apartments and went our separate ways for lunch. He picked us up again in the evening around 6 PM as some properties are only available for viewing at night when the owners are home from work.

Apartment 3 - Chiltern Park
Rate - SGD 3300 without furniture or SGD 3500-3600 fully furnished
Size - 94 sqm.
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 2

• Pros:
- less than 5 minutes to the Lorong Chuan MRT station - Earl will just need one ride to work
- south facing bedrooms
- building has a nice facade with swimming pool, tennis and squash courts
- on the ground floor
- has a better area for hanging clothes

• Cons:
- a bit expensive for our budget
- no oven and dryer

Apartment 4 - Residences @ Somme
Rate - SGD 3200
Size - 63 sqm.
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 1

• Pros:
- about a 5 minute walk to the nearest MRT station - it will take 35 minutes to the office including walking
- modern building (4 years old) with good security - need to input a code before you can enter the building
- nice and convenient location - beside a park and a few steps away from City Square Mall which has a grocery (Fair Price)
- I like how the owner decorated the place
- has one queen bed
- owner has agreed to provide a TV with console table
- with built-in convection oven, microwave oven, separate washer and dryer

• Cons:
- master's bedroom is facing northwest so it might be hot in the afternoon
- guest room and living/kitchen area are facing southeast with ceiling to floor windows - could be too sunny
- we will need to buy furniture

Apartment 5 - Tyrwhitt
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 2

• Pros:
- very near the Lavender MRT station
- fully furnished with microwave oven (only some flats have this)
- secure entrance - need to input a code before you can enter the building

• Cons:
- elevator is not on the ground floor - you will need to go up the stairs and cross the parking lot before reaching the elevator
- facade of the building is not pretty and the corridor going to the unit is rather dark and narrow
- very tiny kitchen - only one person will fit at any given time
- induction stovetop - I'd need to change all my pots and pans in order to use it
- 2-in-1 washer/dryer - people have told me that this is not a very efficient way to do the laundry

Apartment 6 - Soho 188 A
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 1

• Pros:
- right beside the Farrer Park MRT station
- secure entrance - need to input a code before you can enter the building
- fully furnished with microwave oven and electric fan
- I like how the owner decorated the place

• Cons:
- bathroom is on the top floor (see Side Note below)
- northwest facing main bedroom - has a balcony but it might get hot
- very small cooktop and no oven
- 2-in-1 washer/dryer

Apartment 7 - Soho 188 B
Bedrooms - 1
Bathrooms - 1

• Pros:
- right beside the Farrer Park MRT station
- secure entrance - need to input a code before you can enter the building
- fully furnished

• Cons:
- bathroom is on the top floor
- northwest facing main bedroom - has a balcony but it might get hot
- very small cooktop and no oven
- 2-in-1 washer/dryer

Side Note: Soho 188 are loft apartments which originally just has two floors, but as Earl noticed the stairs are quite steep. To give you an idea how far apart the floors are, the owner of apartment A built a mezzanine and inserted another bedroom/study area so her unit looks as though it has three floors.

Apartment 8 - City View (HDB)
Rate - SGD 3500
Bedrooms - 3
Bathrooms - 2

• Pros:
- behind Boon Keng MRT station
- fully furnished with microwave oven
- good area for hanging clothes
- very spacious flat with balcony
- building has a nice facade - condo-style HDB flats

• Cons:
- a bit expensive for our budget
- anyone can just enter the grounds
- no oven and dryer


Next up: The Rental Process: Part 3 (otherwise known as Decisions & Costs)

01 August 2012

The Rental Process: Part 1

My initial email to Victor, the property agent, contained our budget, a detailed description of the type of unit we're looking for and other notes that I felt might help him narrow down the search.

Price: Min 2500 - Max 3400 (but much better if lower)

Bedrooms: Min 1 - Max 3*

*There will only be two of us staying in the unit (no pets), but we plan on having occasional guests over (relatives, friends). We are not hiring a maid so no need for maid's quarters.

Bathrooms: Min 2 - Max 2

Floor size: Any

Furnishing: Fully furnished since we're not buying furniture or large appliances and I plan to do a lot of cooking.

Required appliances:
- fridge
- stove & oven or cooking range
- washing machine
- TV
- air conditioner

Optional appliances (nice to have but not necessary):
- clothes dryer
- dishwasher
- microwave oven
- DVD player

1. A unit that is just one (1) ride to work. Preferably less than 0.5 km from the MRT or bus stop. This is our first priority.

2. If #1 is not possible, then a unit that's less than a 10 minute walk from the MRT station with maximum one (1) MRT line change is our second priority.

3. Travel time for either option 1 or 2 at less than 30 minutes from the office.

4. No WEST facing units. We don't mind if the view is not too great as long as it's not directly hit by the afternoon sun.

Other notes:
1. If possible, we prefer the bathrooms to be a little on the modern side (must be clean, no leaks or clogs).

2. We're not into condo facilities, so having a pool or gym is not important.

3. Newly renovated units in older buildings is something we're interested in.

• The details above constitute our version of the ideal flat, but we are aware that we can't have everything. Hopefully, what we've decided to compromise on will be minor in the greater scheme of things.


Next up: The Rental Process: Part 2 (otherwise known as Apartment Hunting)

27 July 2012

A New Direction

Almost a year ago, I made a post on why we can't move in yet much less buy furniture (which you can read here). Now, we definitely have an answer as to where we are going:

We were there last week for the "look and see" trip and accomplished quite a few things during our five day stay:

1.) We had our papers stamped by the Ministry of Manpower. The cards for Earl's employment pass and my dependent pass were released this week.

2.) Opened a bank account with DBS.

3.) Found an apartment to rent.

That last bit has gotten me so excited that it's all I can think of at the moment.

To give a brief background, earlier this month Earl's office recommended a property agent, Victor Nai, and I sent him a rather lengthy email describing the type of unit we had in mind. We agreed to a meet up just so that he could give us an idea of what apartments look like in the areas we were interested in. The plan was to seriously start searching for a place next month, so we didn't expect to find one so soon.

Since we are still at the start of the rental process, details of the apartment hunt will be in another post, but here's a picture of the building which I got off the Internet:

16 July 2012

Shop Hop: Noah's Nest

Dropped by this store out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Let's put it this way, had we been moving to the house, I'd be going crazy and buying almost everything! And the best part is, it's less than five minutes away from where we currently live. Hmmm... maybe that's not such a good thing after all, at least not to my wallet.

They have furniture, kid's clothes, kitchenware, and decor items. Below are the aprons and table runners (Php 1200 - Php 1350 each) for sale:

Three panel window glass divider - Php 16,000

Decorative plates - Php 1750 each
Purple picture frame - Php 750
Blue & white picture frame - Php 600
Mini lamps - Php 1350 each

Blue & yellow stripe square plate - Php 1600 set of 6
Orange & yellow stripe rectangular platter - Php 600 set of 2
Cake stand that flips over to be a chip & dip server - Php 450

Square jars - Php 350 set of 2
Spice jars - Php 250 set of 2

Polka dot platter & bowl - Php 600 set of 2

Yakal & guigo wood table with capiz - Php 26,000

The store is located in the same building as Express Lanes by Shopwise.


11 July 2012

Pest Control: Mapecon

We've decided to go with Mapecon since not only are they the cheapest option, they also claim to be "economical, highly technical, indigenous, safe to human health and plants, environment friendly and proven effective in our 49 years of expertise in pest control business."

Here's their full quotation:

A. SOIL TREATMENT (ST) - To prevent subterranean termites from damaging your home/building, we treat the soil around by cordoning, trenching or injection methods using MAPECON’s effective F3D Insect Growth Regulator. F3D IGR contains not only time-tested persistent termiticides but also MAPECON’s patented household IGR concentrate (Pat. 16556) and organic lignin material (Pat. 13155) which long-lastingly bonds the F3D IGR with the soil creating an uninhabitable environment for subterranean termites.

Frequency : General Treatment

B. WOOD DRENCHING (WD) - With this service, we treat all infested parts of the building/or homes, concentrating on floors, walls, cracks, ceilings and crevices, by direct spraying of F3D IGR to control surface infestations and help minimize further infestation. F3D IGR mixed in either kerosene, turpentine, varnish, diesel oil can be used as wood preservative. F3D IGR is effective against wood rot.

Frequency : General Treatment

C. TERMITE ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (TAMP) - If your home is termite–infested, there’s nothing like a regular termite check-up. During this monthly or quarterly visits, our licensed technician inspects all crevices, surfaces corners, and places conducive to termite attack. He treats any signs of infestation by dusting or trophallaxis method, wood injection, residual spraying or other similar techniques using MAPECON F3 Powder and/or F3D IGR when needed. Regular TAMP inspections and treatments minimize the possibility of an infestation by dry and damp wood termites as well as by subterranean termites.

Frequency : General Treatment & Quarterly Maintenance

D. GENERAL PEST ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (GPAMP) - For effective control and/or prevention of all flying and crawling urban pests such as mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, among others inside and immediately outside of the premises, a GPAMP service is hereby recommended to be done GPAMP service may come in the form of either spraying, misting, painting or brushing on infested surface areas with our exclusively formulated MAPECON Household Insecticide (HI). GPAMP treatment is for effective control of disease transmitting both flying and crawling and household, commercial pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, etc.

This is accomplished by spraying or misting of MAPECON Sysnergized Household Insecticide Concentrate (HI) on pests and pest-infested and/or susceptible areas. Mapecon HI Concentrate dilution rate is 20 cc HI conc. to one (1) liter of water or kerosene. This solution, while maximizing its effectivity, has both flush out and knockdown effect. HI concentrate is 75% - 80% cheaper than other brands in the market and 120%-130% cheaper than other imported products such as Resigen. For residual control of roaches in cabinets, MAPECON NORO, a pelleted roach bait and its powder form MAPECON Power may be used. On surfaces where the cockroaches and other crawling insects pass and breed, spraying or brushing with MAPECON HI IGR concentrate may also be done.

Frequency : Free on General Treatment Only

E. RAT ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (RAMP) - This covers the control of all species of rodents either by the installation of exclusive MAPECON Patented products. Most effective for this is MAPECON Encapsulated Zinc Phosphide concentrate (EZP). One EZP teabag mixed with one (1) cup leftover foods and wrapped like candies, will make 8 to 10 baits or ready to use baits. This bait will be placed in strategic and inconspicuous areas in your building/home.

Frequency : Free on General Treatment Only

Php 15,800 - Total cost for one year contract with one general treatment and quarterly service maintenance. (VAT inclusive)

TERMS: Less 5% discount or Php 15,010 payable in full upon signing of the contract.

*For non-full payment

Php 11,000 - Payable upon 1st service and remaining balance of Php 4,800 is payable every quarterly service at Php 1,200.


We have yet to decide though whether to do this quarterly considering the house is mostly made of concrete and the only wooden structures are the cabinets, baseboards and cornices.

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