14 February 2013

Sale! Ethan Allen Accents & Lighting

For more information, please contact:

Paula Grace M. Monzon
Interior Design Consultant, Ethan Allen
6348587 loc. 252


11 February 2013

Elements: Guest Room 1

At the back of where we live is a road which I like to refer to as "Light Street" because it's lined on both sides with numerous shops all selling light fixtures. And in my search to find the perfect pair of table lamps for the guest room, I decided to walk the entire length of Jalan Besar to check them out.

Now, despite the huffing and puffing (I am completely out of shape) and the glare of the hot afternoon sun, I came up decidedly empty handed. It seemed like most of the stores were all selling the same thing and oddly enough, there weren't too many options.

I also visited as many decor stores as I could find, but it was only in IKEA that I found what I was looking for.

For me, it was the perfect fit for a narrow room with a rather large window.

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