14 July 2011

Wood Furniture Tips

Quality Checks

When shopping for wood furniture you'll find varying levels of quality and pricing. Use this checklist to judge what you're getting for your money.


▪ Veneers and laminates should be securely joined to the base material.
▪ Joints bearing weight should be reinforced with corner blocks.
▪ Back panels should be screwed into the frame.
▪ Long shelves should have center supports.


▪ Drawers should fit well, glide easily, and have stops.
▪ Drawer bottoms should be held by grooves, not staples or nails.
▪ Drawer interiors should be smooth and sealed.
▪ Drawer corners should have dovetail joints.


▪ Cabinet doors should open and close smoothly.
▪ Hinges and other hardware should be strong and secure.


▪ All finishes should feel smooth unless they are intentionally distressed or crackled.

Page 101 from The Smart Approach to Small-Space Living

09 July 2011


Yes, the "garden" is like this blog - showing signs of neglect.

So as my project for this month, I plan to clear out the weeds myself. At least that's the plan.

I currently have a lot of time on my hands since as of July 1, I have become a housewife. This new situation will slightly curtail my house shopping but I'll be able to check up on our suppliers more often. Alecto, for example, needs to be reminded that they forgot to install the dimmer switch.
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