12 June 2011


More paint has been peeling around the house and this time, it's the door jambs. We've been advised that the reason behind this is because the metal door frames were not primed before they were painted. The primer that should have been used is either colored red or gray so if the paint were to peel, we would not be seeing metal right away.

When we informed Avida of this, they agreed with the findings of our contractor and promised to fix things.

That was a month ago. Last Friday, after numerous follow-ups, Avida finally showed up at the house and below is a picture of their handiwork:

I'm a bit clueless when it comes to the technicalities of house painting, but shouldn't the primer be applied first before painting over it again? Another question we have is, why didn't they do the entire area instead of just a spot here and there?

We are waiting (again) but this time for Avida to "fix" things before our contractors can finish up at the house.
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