08 October 2012

Guest Bed

In the short time we've lived in Singapore, I've quickly learned that mattresses and bed frames are rather expensive around here. Another concern was that there's not enough space in the guest room.

And just like other decisions we've had to make when it came to the house back home, this again was a toss-up between aesthetics and practicality. Do we get a trundle bed so that there's more space and we could place a night table with a lamp? Or do we buy a queen bed knowing that most of our would-be guests are married?

So after looking around the shops and with our parents in mind, we got the smallest and firmest queen bed we could afford from IKEA.

And though we decided to go without a bed frame to save on space, people would still need to walk sideways to get to their side of the bed. It really makes me wonder why our landlord used this room as their bedroom and not the bigger one (maybe because the master bedroom gets a lot of sun in the afternoon?). And to think that the bed they used is actually two centimeters wider than this one.

Sultan Aukra mattress base with legs - SGD 269
Sultan Hamnvik - SGD 499

Note: The curtains are owned by the landlord.

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