11 July 2012

Pest Control: Mapecon

We've decided to go with Mapecon since not only are they the cheapest option, they also claim to be "economical, highly technical, indigenous, safe to human health and plants, environment friendly and proven effective in our 49 years of expertise in pest control business."

Here's their full quotation:

A. SOIL TREATMENT (ST) - To prevent subterranean termites from damaging your home/building, we treat the soil around by cordoning, trenching or injection methods using MAPECON’s effective F3D Insect Growth Regulator. F3D IGR contains not only time-tested persistent termiticides but also MAPECON’s patented household IGR concentrate (Pat. 16556) and organic lignin material (Pat. 13155) which long-lastingly bonds the F3D IGR with the soil creating an uninhabitable environment for subterranean termites.

Frequency : General Treatment

B. WOOD DRENCHING (WD) - With this service, we treat all infested parts of the building/or homes, concentrating on floors, walls, cracks, ceilings and crevices, by direct spraying of F3D IGR to control surface infestations and help minimize further infestation. F3D IGR mixed in either kerosene, turpentine, varnish, diesel oil can be used as wood preservative. F3D IGR is effective against wood rot.

Frequency : General Treatment

C. TERMITE ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (TAMP) - If your home is termite–infested, there’s nothing like a regular termite check-up. During this monthly or quarterly visits, our licensed technician inspects all crevices, surfaces corners, and places conducive to termite attack. He treats any signs of infestation by dusting or trophallaxis method, wood injection, residual spraying or other similar techniques using MAPECON F3 Powder and/or F3D IGR when needed. Regular TAMP inspections and treatments minimize the possibility of an infestation by dry and damp wood termites as well as by subterranean termites.

Frequency : General Treatment & Quarterly Maintenance

D. GENERAL PEST ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (GPAMP) - For effective control and/or prevention of all flying and crawling urban pests such as mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, among others inside and immediately outside of the premises, a GPAMP service is hereby recommended to be done GPAMP service may come in the form of either spraying, misting, painting or brushing on infested surface areas with our exclusively formulated MAPECON Household Insecticide (HI). GPAMP treatment is for effective control of disease transmitting both flying and crawling and household, commercial pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, etc.

This is accomplished by spraying or misting of MAPECON Sysnergized Household Insecticide Concentrate (HI) on pests and pest-infested and/or susceptible areas. Mapecon HI Concentrate dilution rate is 20 cc HI conc. to one (1) liter of water or kerosene. This solution, while maximizing its effectivity, has both flush out and knockdown effect. HI concentrate is 75% - 80% cheaper than other brands in the market and 120%-130% cheaper than other imported products such as Resigen. For residual control of roaches in cabinets, MAPECON NORO, a pelleted roach bait and its powder form MAPECON Power may be used. On surfaces where the cockroaches and other crawling insects pass and breed, spraying or brushing with MAPECON HI IGR concentrate may also be done.

Frequency : Free on General Treatment Only

E. RAT ABATEMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (RAMP) - This covers the control of all species of rodents either by the installation of exclusive MAPECON Patented products. Most effective for this is MAPECON Encapsulated Zinc Phosphide concentrate (EZP). One EZP teabag mixed with one (1) cup leftover foods and wrapped like candies, will make 8 to 10 baits or ready to use baits. This bait will be placed in strategic and inconspicuous areas in your building/home.

Frequency : Free on General Treatment Only

Php 15,800 - Total cost for one year contract with one general treatment and quarterly service maintenance. (VAT inclusive)

TERMS: Less 5% discount or Php 15,010 payable in full upon signing of the contract.

*For non-full payment

Php 11,000 - Payable upon 1st service and remaining balance of Php 4,800 is payable every quarterly service at Php 1,200.


We have yet to decide though whether to do this quarterly considering the house is mostly made of concrete and the only wooden structures are the cabinets, baseboards and cornices.


The Mommist said...

We've tried Mapecon's service years ago and they really did a good job. We're pleased with the quality of their work. Very informative post!


Nicole said...

Good to know and thanks Len! =)

Jimmy said...

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austinhadley said...

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Anonymous said...

Bakit po full payment 20,000 na

Nicole said...

Sorry, what do you mean by Php 20,000 please?

Anonymous said...

topbest one of the best in the business. two thumbs up!

Johon King said...

Nice post. I want to remove/control pest in the home. If you know another Commander Pest Solutions, let me know.
Thank you

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