15 April 2018

On Indefinite Leave

I've decided to take a break from actively decorating, mostly because I can't find anything I like or fits the budget at the moment. The side table, for example, needs a lamp, but I will wait and buy only if I happen to find something interesting.

This also means that new posts on this blog will be very few and far between.

05 April 2018

Missing IKEA

The great thing about IKEA is that you can buy nice looking stuff without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, they don't have a branch in Manila.

See the picture on the left? It's the Tank Table Lamp from Keystone Lamps, and it would have been perfect for the accent table we bought last year. The problem is that it's rather short at 11.5 inches (height), and I prefer the shade be changed to something black instead.

To change the shade will cost us Php 6,800. To increase the height by around six inches will be an additional Php 11,700:

Time to start looking elsewhere.

30 March 2018

Supplier Ratings: Reach Out & Build, Inc.

Supplier: Reach Out and Build Inc.
Price Tag: Php 458,093
Rating: Php 3/10 (10 being the highest)

Well, they were reasonable when it came to fees and the cement hollow block fence is still standing. And at least they kept coming back to repair the carport roof whenever it leaked. Though that was before I paid them in full. Hmmm, I wonder - will they return if ever the roof leaks again (the probability of which is rather great)?

Where do I begin? The list of our complaints is rather long, but here are a few that I've posted about before:






Notice the rotten paint job outside in the picture on the left? It's also inside the house, like the shelves we can't really store books on as the paint they used sticks to just about everything:

On the left is the door I ordered (but painted white), and on the right is the door they delivered.

I kid you not - the extremely hideous door is brown and white with a metal pattern I NEVER asked for. Oh, how about that frosted plastic thing in the middle? Apparently, they do want they want without consulting the one who paid for it. I thought about returning it, but I would need to look for another supplier and I was just too tired (wanted to get things over and done with). They got rid of the white paint and made the whole thing brown.

It's been five months from the time they left, and the doors and garage floor already need repair:

I asked them if the red paint on the door will crack or fade and they assured me it wouldn't happen. They also said that once the paint dries on the other areas they've painted over, it will blend with the existing color. This just proves that you cannot believe a word they say.

I really regret hiring Reach Out and Build and wish I had gone with AQM Interior Services instead which a friend of mine had already tried out and spoke highly of. I had talked to AQM, and they admitted that they've done mostly interiors, so I wasn't sure how they'd fare with exteriors.

Well, the next time we need a contractor, I definitely know who NOT to call.

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