20 May 2017

Renovation Update 14

Based on the original timeline given by our contractor, Reach Out & Build, the construction of the fence and carport would be finished by April 21. Due to various delays, they only started on May 2 and said that they'll be done before the month ends. Here's a look at their progress as of this week:

Two of the four workers were absent as they went home to the province to attend their local fiestas. Do you think they'll be able to make their own deadline? Considering there many other things that need to be done inside the house, our goal of moving in by June is unlikely.

10 May 2017

Cleaners: Rainbow Cleaners

As much as I would love for the house to be sanitized and smell of eucalyptus, I've decided that I'd rather save the extra Php 6920. I can buy a ton of Clorox Wipes and an air freshener I actually like and still have a little cash left over. Here's hoping though they'll do a better job than Dirty Business, Inc.

I. Scope of Work: General Cleaning for 84 sqm
II. Estimated duration of work: 8 hours
III. Manpower: 5 staff with supervisor
IV. Term of payment: Upon project completion
V. Service invoice and Official Receipt to be issued upon payment of service.
VI. Above price is VAT inclusive.

Total: Php 10,780 (all-inclusive)

05 May 2017

Window Shopping: Cleaners

The house hasn't been cleaned since 2015, so can you just imagine how dirty the place is? The toilet alone makes me shudder (eww...). I wasn't too happy with the last cleaning company we hired, Dirty Business, Inc. They charged Php 10,000 for one day, but I felt the quality of work wasn't great. For example, they cleaned the middle and bottom part of the bedroom cabinets, but neglected the ones right above. I had to really check what they were doing and even then I was thinking that I could have done a better job had I done it myself.

Another company we hired to clean a 20 sqm bedroom with an attached bathroom was PRO Cleaning Services. They charged Php 4500 for 1.5 hours inclusive of steam cleaning one queen-sized mattress. I wasn't around at the time, but my mom said that while they were very thorough, she thought that they were too expensive.

Now that we're about to move-in, I want the house cleaned from top to bottom, in particular the ceiling, walls, window screens, and window sills. Five years worth of dust and bird droppings are not something I wish for any of us to breathe in.

I had difficulty searching for companies who were willing to clean a two storey house both inside and outside, so I decided to go with what's familiar and one that I discovered online.

PRO Cleaning Services
Rate: 17,700*

Estimated duration of work: 5.90 hours
Manpower: 4 staff

*Final bill will be based on actual time consumed.

Rainbow Cleaners
Rate: Php 10,780

Estimated duration of work: 8 hours
Manpower: 5 staff with supervisor

The main difference between the two, aside from the price, is that PRO Cleaning includes the following:

- Dry Steam Cleaning (175 degrees C high temperature cleaning and sanitizing) of tiled floor, kitchen countertops, toilet & bathroom fixtures
- Indoor Air Washing and Aromatizing with Eucalyptus (to get rid of stale indoor air, floating construction dust and other allergens and odors in the air)

The question is whether those last two features are worth the extra Php 6920.

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