24 September 2011


Ain't it pretty? I'm not too fond of MS Word clip art but I must say this was not only cute but also apt.

A few months ago, I mentioned that we received "a bit of news that has sent us in a tailspin..." I also said that we would not mention what it was until it was confirmed. Well, it's taking much longer than we thought and we can't move into the house until they make up their minds.

I'm not making any sense am I? Let me start from the beginning.

Earl's office informed him that they might be sending him abroad and the secondment could take as short as a year or as long as four years. The wonderful thing about this is that he gets to bring me along! So at the moment, here are our options:

1. Germany
2. Singapore
3. Cavite

He could be sent to either the head office (Germany) or the regional office (Singapore) or we get to stay home (Cavite). This is the reason why we cannot buy furniture or decorate the house. Can you imagine a mattress just gathering dust for the next four years? It's a good thing we found out about this before we had the range-hood installed! So until we know for certain, the range will not be leaving its box.

If I must be honest, I prefer the first option over the other two. I've been to Europe before but never to Germany. I've also lived in a couple of other countries so I know how exciting a new environment can be.

Singapore, I've been to many times so I know more or less what to expect. The good thing about them is that everything is in English and most of the brands are familiar. Thus, grocery shopping will not be a problem. Also, the place is a short plane ride away from Manila - checking on the house will be a breeze. The only downside I can think of is that Singapore is not bordered by France, Switzerland and Austria.

But if we end up not going anywhere, it would still be a good thing as we can finally start moving in. I'm not too worried about the house since there's barely anything in it - nothing to rob and easy to clean.

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