28 December 2010

A Word on Lighting

I've just finished re-reading The Smart Approach to Small-Space Living and I thought I'd share with you their guide on lighting that I found useful:

Page 163 - Dimmers connected to ceiling lights give you flexibility. When you want to rev up the lighting and brighten the whole room to make it look larger and more alive you can do so. Then with a quick turn of a dial, or flick of a switch, you can dim the room down into cozy intimacy.

For economy and energy savings, you can also dim the lights just slightly to extend bulb life without making any significant change in the light level. For instance, dimming the light to 50 percent will be perceived as though you had dimmed it to only 70 percent.

Page 164 - Your lighting needs. When a room is not bright enough, many people simply exchange low-watt bulbs for high-watt ones. Wattage, however is simply a measurement of how much electricity a lamp consumes. The actual light output of a bulb is measured in lumens. If the bulbs you're using aren't producing enough overall illumination, replace them with ones that have more lumens. The next time you shop for bulbs read the labels, which indicate the lumens per watt (lpw) produced by a bulb. The more lumens per watt, the more efficient the lamp. When looking for intensity produced by a lamp, refer to its candlepower (Cp). The more candela (units), the brighter the source.

Page 168 - Most lighting specialists agree that light for dining should come from an overhead fixture centered on the table. In a room with 8-foot-high ceilings, hang the fixture so that its bottom is 27 to 36 inches above the table; raise the fixture 3 inches for every additional foot of ceiling height.

24 December 2010

Lights - Set C

Robles Heritage 16007 - Php 800 - ground floor ceiling bathroom light. Original price was Php 880.

Eglo Nomo - Php 1330 each - pendant lights to go over the kitchen peninsula. Original price was Php 1399.75 each.
LiteSource Koshi - Php 6320 - green room overhead light.
Mark Slöjd Mirage 43 - Php 1440 - blue room ceiling light.

18 December 2010

UP Lantern Parade

You may ask, what does the University of Philippines (UP) Lantern Parade have to do with the house? The answer: six or nine. Pictures that is.

I've decided that we will print out six or nine of the photographs taken last night, frame them in white and arrange them in a grid. These photos will then go in the lavender room:

The plan is to decorate the whole house with framed photos and each set will be about a specific subject. The ones for the staircase, for example, will come from our recent vacation, the green room will have a series on our wedding, and so on. It will be like the house telling our story which is not only more personal but also easier on the pocket.

08 December 2010

36th Philippine Furniture and Furnishings Show

I am on the look out for furniture suppliers, so on my to-do list for this year was to attend the 36th Philippine Furniture and Furnishings Show at the SM Megatrade Hall. And though it was a nine day long affair from November 26 to December 5, I was only able to reach the place a day before it ended.

But my procrastinating had a benefit. I learned that they have a sale during the last two days. One lady told me that they would rather sell the display items than have to go through the hassle of packing everything again.

As we are not yet in the furniture buying mode, we will file this information for next year and come prepared! I must say though that this exhibit was smaller than I had imagined, but all was not lost as I was able to find at least two suppliers worth looking into for the dining table.

For those who wish to get the schedule of future shows, you can check the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines' website: http://www.cfip.ph/

04 December 2010

Study Room Bookshelves: RMV Hardwoods & Antiques Shop

While we're going with the cheapest supplier mentioned in the last post, we can't vouch for their workmanship so we've decided to be cautious.

Our first "experiment" will be the bookcase. It costs more than the linen closet but I was thinking that since the books will just sit on open shelves, there will be less "wear and tear" compared to the linen closet whose doors will be opened more frequently (with bedsheets and blankets being changed weekly).

Another consideration are the shelves themselves. I want them to have a very smooth finish with no rough edges on all sides otherwise it will be a pain to clean.

Currently, we have a desk and a TV cabinet that's rather hard to wipe as parts of it are rough (makes the dust stay put and accumulate). These were also custom-made but only some areas had a smooth finish as the supplier did not follow the instructions given to him.

So if this bookshelf does not work out as planned, we will then try Juro Furniture.
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