23 May 2013

Elements: Main Bedroom 1


The one thing I love collecting. Not only will they add color to a room, they also keep things in order. But I'm rather particular about the kind of material used - no matter how pretty, if it's not easy to clean, then I will not buy it.

My most recent acquisition is the Modello Storage Box S from Francfranc with black and white stripes. I got two at SGD 25 each and I think they give the bookcase a bit of balance.

The yellow box is from Daiso which only costs SGD 2. I'm not usually into warm colors, but this was rather cheerful.

The other boxes are temporary until I find something more interesting.


This SGD 85 clock that I bought from Thinkers Novelty was originally meant for the guest room, but somehow it didn't quite go with the blue walls. I transferred it to the main bedroom instead and it looks better suited against a white background.

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