15 October 2012


I had a hard time looking for a sofa due to space constraints - it could only be a maximum of 140 cm wide. I looked at quite a few stores and searched online, but it was either too big or too expensive. In the end, we settled on IKEA:

Solsta two-seat sofa-bed - SGD 179
Stockholm Cirkel throw pillow - SGD 29.90
Assembly and delivery fee - SGD 105 (includes the delivery of the bed)

I must say though that it was not a bad purchase since everyone who has sat on it has remarked how comfortable it is. I don't want to use it as a bed though as the sofa cushions would need to be on the floor. So for our extra guests (those in excess of two), we bought an airbed instead.


Got to Believe said...

hi nicole, love the sofa! i wish we have an ikea here. i love their sectionals.

thanks for the brand heads up-- tamang tama i might stop by guam next month. i will have the covers shipped there. we're also thinking of changing our mattress. hay, gastos.

Nicole said...

Thanks Leslie =) I wish we did too, but you can order from the following stores and they'll ship it to Manila:



As to the mattress, even if you change it, it will still collect dust mites eventually. I suggest to get the mattress and pillow encasings instead as it will cover the entire mattress and pillows and the dust mites won't be able to escape.

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Foam-By-Mail said...

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