28 February 2010

Buyer Beware

You know all those advertisements by Avida? They make buying a house with them seem like a breeze. But based on our experience with them this past year, I would think twice before dealing with them again. Especially since their supposed "Customer Care" group needs A LOT of training on giving good customer service...

As to the house itself, time will tell. But at the moment, Avida is EXTREMELY late in their time schedules - at least for our house anyway.

We asked for a copy of the house plans so that we could already have the carport designed by Earl's uncle (who is an architect) but is currently busy with a project in Cebu. Thus we want to take advantage of the little time he spends in Manila.

What they gave instead were the standard house plans applicable to all the houses they build. But the problem is that they adjusted the measurements of where the house is situated based on the lot to accommodate a two car garage.

Here's another frustrating email trail we exchanged two weeks ago with Ellen when I asked if we could get a copy of the actual house plan reflecting the changes they made to the house:

- 15 Feb

Ellen: Referred your clarification on the building plan vis-à-vis the SLO to our Technical group.

Please refer to Cathy’s feedback below.

From: AVIDA Cathy
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 11:41 AM
To: AVIDA Ellen
Cc: AVIDA Christine


That is correct. Because the plans I gave is our standard plan (mass production). We do not provide plans as per specific/actual house on site or as per changes requested by the buyer. As long as the SLO is correctly implemented at the site, then there should be no problem.

Innovation + Design Department

Nicole: The problem is that we will not be able to plan for the carport outside properly since the plans given do not reflect the actual measurements.

Also, Engr. Kenneth advised that a manhole has to provided in the carport plans to give access to the septic tank?

Ellen: Per Cathy, you can refer this to your architect for them to adjust the measurement based on the SLO and building plan.

Please let us know if you have further concern on this.

Nicole: Cathy's advise that "We do not provide plans as per specific/actual house on site or as per changes requested by the buyer. " only means that while you can provide the actual plans, you don't want to and have chosen deliberately not to.

- 19 Feb

Ellen: The plans released to buyers are generic – depending on their house model and house orientation.

We do not issue/revise our plans based on the changes/specifics requested by the buyer.

Nicole: Like I mentioned in my previous email - it's not that you can't it's just that you won't. My question is, who gets to own this house anyway? Don't worry you don't have to answer. We're already getting used to having a really hard time and fighting for everything with Avida.

Finally, Progress!

The house now has some semblance of a roof - after more than a year of waiting.

The thing that gets me though is the fact that there are two houses on the street that are now at the same construction stage as ours but were started at a much later date. Can you imagine? In fact, one of them already has the interior painted...

06 February 2010

Still No Roof: Part Two

But hey, the second floor has been installed! We also met the contractor assigned to the house so things are beginning to look up (literally and figuratively speaking).

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