11 March 2013

Sell or Rent?

That is the question.

Earl's boss recently told him that one, he is not allowed to resign and two, he won't be going home anytime soon. Basically, it means that after about two years in Singapore, he will be assigned to yet another country (currently unknown) and most likely another one after that.

So what to do about the house? The first thing people ask us when they learn we bought a house, is whether we are renting it out. Many have advised us to do so, but I could not stand the thought of someone else getting to live there first especially after everything. Also, I'm of the opinion that it will be hard to find someone who will care for the house as much as we do.

My Mom keeps telling us to sell. This idea depresses us both as almost every detail in the house was given a lot of thought and consideration - we haven't even used any of the light fixtures I so carefully selected.

Though Earl did say that if there was a really good offer, he'd sell it. Maybe we should take a vote?

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