29 February 2012

Window Shopping: Fence & Gate

About a month ago, I was talking to a few people about the cost of putting up a fence and I mentioned to them that we would be spending over Php 300,000 just for three walls, a gate, and the carport without the roof. They then started laughing and told me that was way too high and that it should only cost us around Php 275,000 inclusive of the roof.

I felt bad at that point and they took pity on me by giving me a list of contractors who have done work for other residents in the village. So with renewed optimism, I asked them for quote. But to ensure the suppliers were all on the same footing, I sent them a "fence kit" containing the carport plan, staking layout and the specifications that Maricel from Rabacon sent to me last year (which you can read here) but without the rates:


• CHB Perimeter Fence - Cement Plaster Finish with Paint
- 13.00mts x 6’ ht per side x 3 sides (right side, left side & back fence)
- 6” concrete hollow blocks
- 10mm re-enforcement bars for post, tie-beams & dowels
- Smooth plain cement plaster finish on both sides
- 2 coats of latex paint finish (per owner’s color choice)

• Steel Fence - Picket Fence Design - Paint Finish
- Picket fence design
- 13.00mts x 6’ ht (front steel fence)
- Carport gate – 5.00mts x 6’ ht
- Pedestrian gate – 1.00mt x 6’ ht
- One layer of concrete hollow blocks before steel fence – paint finish
- Includes electrical provisions for post lamps
- Primer and 2 coats enamel paint finish (per owner’s color choice)

• Garage Floor Finish
- Plain cement mixed with white cement finish with grooves
- 5.00mts x 13.00mts
- 10mm re-enforcement bars
- Includes labor and materials for concrete


- Jaime A. Pacheco

Telephone Number: 0929 463 3861
Email: jimmy_pacheco@yahoo.com

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 219,030.50
Steel Fencce - Php 62,916.00
Garage Floor Finish - Php 61,250.00
Total: Php 343,196.50

- Loida P. Sustiguer

Telephone Number: 0927 262 3735
Email: lp_sustiguer@yahoo.com

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 185,000.00
Steel Fencce - Php 100,000.00
Garage Floor Finish - Php 65,000.00
Total: Php 350,000.00

- Varian M. Falcutila

Telephone Number: 0918 220 1756
Email: varian.falcutila@yahoo.com

Total: Php 360,100.60

- Edcor Builders

Telephone Numbers: 668 7584, 0917 602 4032, 0922 456 1375
Email: edcor.builders@gmail.com
Website: http://edcor.webs.com

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 201,498.80
Steel Fence - Php 112,060.20
Garage Floor Finish - Php 65,000.00
Total: Php 378,559.00

> Pop! < That was my hope bubble bursting after seeing those rates. Oh, well.

25 February 2012

No Return, No Exchange?

In Good Housekeeping magazine's January-February 2012 issue, they have an article on consumer rights that's quite timely now that we're about to buy things for the house. We were surprised to find that many of what we thought were standard practice turned out to be illegal...

They interviewed Zenaida C. Maglaya, Undersecretary for Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Group of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to help clarify the "No return, no exchange" policy and surcharges for credit card use. Here are excerpts from the article:

Is the Customer ALWAYS Right?
by Mari-An C. Santos

- Surcharging when you charge

To settle the issue on store policies regarding the use of credit cards, Maglaya cites the DTI DOA 10 Series of 2006: "Rules on Price Tags/Labels and Providing Prohibition against the Imposition of a Surcharge, Extra Charge or Additional Charge in the Use of Credit/Automated Teller Machine/Debit Cards for Payment of Purchases of Consumer Products or Services."

That is, you must not pay anything over and above the price indicated on the tag or any item you would like to purchase.

- Can a store have a "No return, no exchange" policy?

Simply put, no. According to the Consumer Act of the Philippines, the words "No return, no exchange" or words to such effect shall not be written into the contract of sale, receipt of sales transaction, in any documents as evidence of sale, or anywhere in the store or business establishment. In this way, consumers are reassured that they have the right to return defective goods or demand remedies, in case of imperfect service.

Should you find that a store is in violation of the the prohibition on "No return, no exchange" policy, you can file a complaint with DTI. Simply provide the following information:

1. Your name and address, and that of the firm/entity being complained about
2. Acts of omissions constituting the offense including the approximate date, place, and time of its commission
3. Remedy you are seeking from the DTI, other than the damages
4. Other relevant information

- Can a store exercise only a policy of exchange but not refund?

Consumers are entitled to either an exchange or refund, as long as there is a defect in the quality of goods or imperfection in the service.

- Can I return defective goods without the official receipt?

The official receipt is the best proof of purchase. However, you may still demand replacement or refund if you can prove that a defective item was bought from a certain store.

- Can a store impose the condition that items can only be exchanged once?

No. Merchandise can be exchanged many times, as long as the consumer chooses the option of replacement.


I called up DTI and Erica told me that these policies are also applicable to custom-made furniture and not just clothes or things you can get from a mall.

She also said that for furniture (e.g. kitchen cabinets), the supplier is OBLIGATED to fix any shoddy workmanship for free. Hmmm... calling Cusm Furniture Shop...

And you know how stores give a lower price for cash purchases (books, appliances, etc.)? Erica said that they're not allowed to do that. If they offer a lower price, you should be able to use your credit card to buy the item at that price.

There's more about refunds and claiming warranties in the article but way too long to post here. The magazine is still available in newsstands.

Visit www.dti.gov.ph and www.dtincr.ph for more information.

For immediate action and to report sellers who violate consumer rights, call DTI Direct: 751 3330 or send them an email:

Mr. Ferdinand Manfoste
Assistant Regional Director

21 February 2012

Shop Hop: Space Encounters

Since they're currently on sale, my Mom and I decided to pay them a visit.

They do not accept custom-made orders in the sense that you won't be able to bring a picture of a chair you like and ask them to make it. What they do have is a catalogue of their own designs (partial list below) which you can customize in terms of wood finishes and upholstery. You can also bring your own fabric and they'll adjust the cost accordingly.

The furniture sold here are mostly Scandinavian inspired which isn't exactly a style I gravitate to, but when I tried their Mama Bear wing chair, I started having second thoughts. It was so comfortable and I could imagine myself reading a book and just lounging in it (footrest sold separately):

Mama Bear Chair - Php 30,000
33.5" (w) x 36" (d) x 40" (h)

They also have a slightly smaller wing chair available:

Cooper Bear Chair - Php 29,500
29" (w) x 29.5" (d) x 32.5" (h)

The prices above are based on mahogany wood but they also have a teak wood option which costs a little more (e.g. Cooper Bear Chair Php 37,300).

17 February 2012

Shop Hop: FMF Compound

On the same side of the road as 5Corners, you'll find the FMF Compound which houses the following stores:

Regalong Pambahay

This branch sells both clearance and regular items so not all items are on sale. They had these wooden coasters with really cute designs for Php 396 (original price is Php 495 for a set of four). That is if you pay in cash, otherwise credit card payments are only 15% off instead of 20%.

This picture frame is selling for Php 200. I was thinking that this would be perfect in the small study as the green would go really well with the room's color scheme.

I SO wanted go shopping but if I started buying things, where would I stash them? Our current abode is overflowing with so much stuff already. I guess I just have to be patient for a little while longer.

Komodo Artcrafts

I must admit that I was surprised with this store having seen prices of teak furniture before and they're usually prohibitive. The rates here, while not bargain-basement cheap, are more middle-class friendly.

They can also change the finish of the wood at an extra cost and might take more time as all the furniture is made in Indonesia.

They're currently having a sale which you can read about here.

FMF Compound, 126 Pioneer Street
Mandaluyong City

While not located in the FMF Compound, this place is across the street:

Crayzee! Factory Sales

I've always been curious about this shop due to the many ads posted on various blogs. Their decor items are from China and the furniture is from Spain. We found a four seater wooden dining set for around Php 10,500. Other prices can be found on their website.

13 February 2012

Shop Hop: 5Corners

This was part of our Pioneer Street window shopping trip. My Mom and I had an interesting time going around this area as the furniture and decor shops are practically next door to each other. You'll see this store on your right if you enter from EDSA.

They sell everything IKEA - plates, sofas, beds, picture frames, etc. They get their supplies from Hong Kong and China so if there's a particular furniture item you're interested in, just check the corresponding websites and you can request to order it from them.

Prices are posted on their website.

09 February 2012

Sale! Komodo Artcrafts

My Mom and I went window shopping around Pioneer Street yesterday and came across Komodo Artcrafts. This was supposed to be part of my next post but because they're on sale, I've decided to do this first.

The sale will run until the end of February for items purchased at their Pioneer branch:

FMF Compound, 126 Pioneer Street
Mandaluyong City
Phone Number: 631 1221
Email: inquiry@komodo-online.com


08 February 2012

Sale! Space Encounters

I saw this on their Facebook page:

It's the SPACE ENCOUNTERS Season Sale once again starting February 8, 2012! Up to 50% off on accessories and 30% off on off-the-floor furniture for the whole month of February!

Monday to Friday: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Unit B Mezzanine, Padilla Building
F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center
Telephone Number: 910 8031

07 February 2012

Our First Warehouse Visit

Earl and I went to the Carrier warehouse last Saturday to check out their sale on air conditioners (ACs). I guess I was expecting the place to look a little bit more orderly - like a regular store only in a more cavernous location. Not sure where I got that idea...

One thing I learned from the excursion is that it's much better if you already know what you're looking for. Not exactly necessary but it helps to know the model you want to buy as the items are just stacked on top of each other.

Take note that the units sold here are termed as "Class B" which means they're brand new but with a few dents and scratches. We rarely use the AC so we're not particular about the appearance as long as it works (though the ones we saw looked just fine from the front).

There were no split-type units available that day apparently because their prices are still going through an approval process, but we did find the following window room air conditioners (WRACs):

- With Remote
iCool 1 HP - Php 12,200
iCool .75 HP - Php 11,100

- Manual
iCool 1 HP - Php 11,000
iCool .75 HP - Php 9,900

They only accept cash and the warranty is six (6) months for the compressor, parts and labor.

Hmmm... We were not sure how good a bargain these were so I decided to stop by Avant at the Alabang Town Center yesterday to compare prices:

- With Remote
iCool 1 HP - Php 19,500
iCool .75 HP - Php 17,098

These rates are for cash or straight credit card purchases. The warranty is five (5) years for the compressor and one (1) year for parts and labor.

This gave me pause. Is the Php 7300 difference (with remote control) worth the five year warranty? Earl doesn't think so and is leaning towards getting the 1 HP manual version at Php 11,000 considering our room is really tiny.

Should we buy one to try out and see what happens? We were advised that they sell Class B items year round so we'll have time to think about it and come back for a second look.

01 February 2012

Sale! Conception-Carrier

They started last January 7, but according to the email I received today, they still have over 1400 units available.

The sale will run every SATURDAY while supplies last.

Grab the chance to own inexpensive WRAC and split-type units 30% - 50% off the regular price.

Totaline Warehouse (U2-B), Conception-Carrier Airconditioning Company
Km. 20 East Service Road, South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)
Alabang, Muntinlupa

Telephone Number: 863 5555

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