01 August 2012

The Rental Process: Part 1

My initial email to Victor, the property agent, contained our budget, a detailed description of the type of unit we're looking for and other notes that I felt might help him narrow down the search.

Price: Min 2500 - Max 3400 (but much better if lower)

Bedrooms: Min 1 - Max 3*

*There will only be two of us staying in the unit (no pets), but we plan on having occasional guests over (relatives, friends). We are not hiring a maid so no need for maid's quarters.

Bathrooms: Min 2 - Max 2

Floor size: Any

Furnishing: Fully furnished since we're not buying furniture or large appliances and I plan to do a lot of cooking.

Required appliances:
- fridge
- stove & oven or cooking range
- washing machine
- TV
- air conditioner

Optional appliances (nice to have but not necessary):
- clothes dryer
- dishwasher
- microwave oven
- DVD player

1. A unit that is just one (1) ride to work. Preferably less than 0.5 km from the MRT or bus stop. This is our first priority.

2. If #1 is not possible, then a unit that's less than a 10 minute walk from the MRT station with maximum one (1) MRT line change is our second priority.

3. Travel time for either option 1 or 2 at less than 30 minutes from the office.

4. No WEST facing units. We don't mind if the view is not too great as long as it's not directly hit by the afternoon sun.

Other notes:
1. If possible, we prefer the bathrooms to be a little on the modern side (must be clean, no leaks or clogs).

2. We're not into condo facilities, so having a pool or gym is not important.

3. Newly renovated units in older buildings is something we're interested in.

• The details above constitute our version of the ideal flat, but we are aware that we can't have everything. Hopefully, what we've decided to compromise on will be minor in the greater scheme of things.


Next up: The Rental Process: Part 2 (otherwise known as Apartment Hunting)

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