31 January 2014

Elements: Main Bedroom 2

The Inspiration

I saw this at IKEA and immediately liked it.

The Space

This wall needed something, but I wasn't sure what. At first, I thought maybe a print from Diana Francis, but it's a little out of our budget and not to mention bulky (the problem of how to bring it home). Then I saw the wall arrangement at IKEA and knew that was the answer.

The Plan

I hit a roadblock when I realized that most of our photos are horizontal and not vertical. Thus, the need to redo the layout.

The Result

04 January 2014

Renovation Update 14

Well, the garage floor is now finished and so is the back roof. We're just waiting for the contractor to touch up a few things and the house will be ready for renting.

We've decided that we'll only plant grass and trees once we have a renter as the lawn will need to be watered on a daily basis. Also, we'll have the house professionally cleaned right before the renter moves in because if we do it now, no one will benefit and things will just get dusty again in case it takes months to find a lessee. Ditto with the pest control.

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