23 January 2011

Spot the Difference

It doesn't look like the experiment is going well.

Before they delivered the bookshelf last Tuesday, the supplier approached me to explain why they were a month late and ask if we could add Php 500 to the delivery fee since they used automotive paint for the shelves (duco finish).

I countered that we shouldn't pay more since we didn't ask for the more expensive duco finish and they never consulted us whether we were amenable to the change in plans. (Originally, they were supposed to do the "paint and sand" technique to achieve a smooth finish.)

In my head though I was considering giving the extra Php 500 if I liked the cabinets. But all charitable thoughts flew out the window when I saw what they delivered to the house! Instead, I ended up asking a lot of questions:

1. What is your definition of smooth?
2. Where in the drawing can you find the curved design on the cabinet doors?
3. This is what you give to expats? (As mentioned in a previous post, some of the expatriates at work have ordered from them.)
4. Is this your version of duco finish?
5. What's with all the cracks and gray streaks?
6. Where are the drawer pulls located versus the agreed design?
7. How did you conclude that this was okay for delivery?

Needless to say I sent the entire lot back. The thing is, I know the supplier personally so when they asked for a second chance, I agreed. But I told them that if they cannot make the new version up to snuff, then we will be asking for a refund.

In the meantime, the search for the built-in cabinet supplier continues.


ivymarasigan said...

haha. crazy you should ask for a refund nga if they didn't do it as agreed. tsk tsk tsk.

Jen said...

waaaahhh!!! it's like deja vu for me, nicole.

dealing with contractors like my kitchen cabinet-maker has given me enough stress and nightmares that i vowed never to get one again for future projects.

i mean, i'd rather hunt down the carpenter who made our built-in cabinets and closets (and charges 500/day of labor)instead of getting another modular system-maker KUNO (where the work is done at their shop where i have no control and cannot keep an eagle eye on them) because my 5yr old cabinets look a lot better and sturdier than my new ones.

wala eh... ang hirap when they do the work at their shop! you expect them to do a good job kasi pag kausap mo ang galing-galing tapos come delivery your expectations instantly vanish, as in instantly!

then they are EXPECTING you to accept the delivery (which almost always is not EXACTLY what you agreed upon) because after all you have been eagerly awaiting for the delivery (i think being late in the delivery is a strategy these contractors employ) and it's there already... and they know Filipinos are not really known as "complainers" or detail-sticklers (over generalization i know, but in most cases this is true hence the "pwede na yan" mentality).

so i guess that explains the curved etchings/carvings on your doors... akala nila tatanggapin mo na lang because you've been waiting a long time and it's there already. buti nga you returned it if it really wasn't what you wanted.

ako, i'm guilty of doing a "pwede na yan" with my kitchen cabinets since most of "flaws" were in the carcass... nasa loob naman sabi ko. haaaayyy... my bad! pero never again talaga!

btw, i read in Pinoy Exchange that if you want a duco finished cabinet, better just get a carpenter to build it then get automotive painters to do the painting para sure daw na maganda pagka-duco. ganun lang gagawin ko once i start renovating our closets.

remember, i made kwento about the cracks in the paint of my cabinet doors and my doubts about it being solid mahogany? ayun, up to now (more than 1 week since they got ALL my doors) di pa binabalik. kesyo wala pa daw mga trabahador, wala pa yung painter, etc. di ko na iniintindi kasi i feel flimsy excuses lang. basta nung sinabi nila they will bring the doors back tomorrow, tumigil na ako.

grabeeehhh!!! ang mga contractors na ganito noh (this one and my kitchen cabinet-maker)? di ko alam kung maiinis ako or maaawa.

Got to Believe said...

naku, nakaka high blood talaga. to think we're spending hard earned money on this. i'm scouting for a cabinet maker too. will let you know if i find a "gem".

Nicole said...

@Ivy - crazy is right! And to think I know Ron (son-in-law of the owner) personally. This is the only reason I gave them a second chance instead of getting the refund right away.

@Jen - Unfortunately for them, I have a tendency to make my opinion known (to put it mildly).

@Leslie - yes, please do!!! Affordable but good seems so hard to find these days.

Jen said...

@got to believe and anyone out there looking for a kitchen cabinet maker... avoid Francisco Furnitures (owners are Jid Andrew and John Francisco) at all cost!

i'm not one to bad-mouth and find fault, but my God their workmanship is really crappy and quality control is non-existent!

they got my cabinet doors 3 weeks before i got them to schedule a monday delivery (which never materialized), but instead they came thursday night, with the paint on my doors STILL WET and sticky!

also, much to my consternation, the newly painted doors came wrapped in NEWSPAPER which made the black ink and paper itself stick to the paint! this made me conclude that common sense is also non-existent in their "company".

still, they installed the doors looking as dirty as it possibly could given the newspaper wrapping (remember my doors are painted WHITE?), with a guarantee that someone will be back the following day with rubbing compound to clean up the stains. well guess what, nobody came! no text, no nothing!

fearing that it will take them another 3 weeks and because i couldn't stand the sight anymore, i decided to clean all the doors myself... with Wipe Out, which thankfully took care of the job! still, the newspaper stains are unexcusable!

remember also that they were supposed to change some of the doors (they claim that the doors for the overhead cabinets are made of real mahogany and that only those for the lower cabinets are made of plyboard that need to be changed)? well, the very same doors that i sent out came back... with a new coat of paint!

i know this because i spent countless days and hours staring at and studying the imperfections of those doors, as i was trying to figure out why the paint cracked after only less than 3 months! so you can say i know those doors.

moreover, i can probably "settle" for just newly painted doors, but the problem is the paint job itself is so-so! not at all smooth and shiny as duco finishes should look. i don't know if it's paint bubbles or dust that got stuck on the paint... but you can easily see the finish is grainy and not at all shiny... you don't even have to touch it (of course doing so will convince you even more that it is indeed grainy)!

so, for your sanity's sake, and if you value your hard-earned money, do not fall for the enticing words of Francisco Furniture's owners. I assure you their work and the time they make you wait is not worth even half the amount you will be paying them.

for "skeptics" and those who want more details of my kitchen renovation nightmare, i intend to post one in Pinoy Exchange as there is a section there started by someone looking for "reliable" kichen cabinet makers.

Anonymous said...

Jen is correct! Dealing with jid andrew francisco and his so called company as furniture and cabinet maker, is disaster! Very unprofessional!
After we made a deal that they will be making our kitchen cabinet, thought everything will be okay! Jid andrew francisco promised of 4wks processing for all and we believed but it took 6wks napilitan lang dahil sa pangu gulit ko! Worst the output was really ewan! As if gawa ng unexperienced.
Believe me, dont attempt to trust this guy.

Nicole said...

Yikes, that's two strikes already!

Joseph Salazar said...

I have the same dilemma. Can anyone make recommendations for a good cabinet maker? My built-in kitchen cabinets and closets are a disaster and would like to make some modifications as a sort of trial first before trusting them with bigger shelving and cabinet projects.

Nicole said...

Hi Joseph, I suggest you get check out Real Living magazine - they usually feature the work of interior designers along with their furniture contractors. The contractor's contact information is posted at the end of the article.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, Nicole. I really wish na I read this post before getting yung Francisco Woodworks. I'm now dreading as I have paid them 50% DP for some floating shelves and movable open shelf type cabinet.

Nicole said...

Hi, hopefully they've improved and you'll have better luck this time.

haileighshaven said...

Same dilemma here. I should have researched thoroughly before getting the services of Andrew Francisco (Francisco Furnitures). We got their services because we wanted custom made cabinets and tables/benches fitted to our place because we wanted to maximize space. Problem with them is that they have communication issues as well as they don't live up to their promises. We ordered kitchen wall cabinets, a kitchen island and custom made table and benches as well as kitchen sink doors. Delivery was late and they never delivered on the kitchen sink doors. Even if you call them up a hundred times they wont pick up. You have to go to their furniture shop and say all the nasty things first before delivering. I won;t recommend them at all. What's worst is that furniture quality is not so good. Better to get a handy carpenter that you can pay daily and just provide the materials as this will ensure that you'll get what you want.

Anonymous said...

this is horrible! but where is this "Francisco Furnitures" located exactly? Is this the one in bulacan?

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