06 January 2011

House Resolutions

Happy new year! Yes, it's that time of year again for wish lists... er, resolutions but because they're usually broken, I don't make any. For 2011 though, I've decided to make an exception.

Whenever people ask us when the house will be done or when will we be moving in, I frequently reply, "2012." Some think this is too far away - why that long? Well, as I've mentioned before, it will depend on our cash flow. But if we had our way, we'd be moving in tomorrow! So, here's what we hope to accomplish for this year:

1. Build the carport, fence and gate
2. Finish part two of the kitchen cabinets (technically the other half which is the pantry and laundry area)
3. Install the closets in our room
4. Have the linen closet in the hallway made

At work, these would be our objectives. Once they're are done and if there's any money left over, we can add "stretch targets." (Can you tell it's evaluation time at the office?) Here's what we plan to buy in order of importance:

1. Bed
2. Dining set
3. Sofa
4. Refrigerator
5. Electric fans

At this point, we can already move-in BUT I also want to get the following for the house to feel more like a home:

1. Night tables & lamps
2. Foyer table
3. Televisions for the living room and our bedroom
4. Air conditioner for our room
5. Desk and extra shelves for the study room

In case you're wondering about the garden, we plan to fix that right before moving in. (It will be interesting to see how many we can cross off by the end of this year.)

Hmmm... this list thing is rather addictive - I could go on and on about what I wish to happen. That's the nice thing about dreams - they're free and endless!

It has also just given me an idea for the next post. In the meantime though, here's an image taken from the Laura Ashley website as a clue:

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