30 January 2011

Renovation Update 6

At the moment, everything is at a standstill.

The kitchen is not yet done as Cusm Furniture has more pressing deadlines with their other projects (i.e. cabinets for Metrobank). But we're really happy with what they've delivered thus far, so I guess waiting is a small price to pay for workmanship and affordability.

Rabacon is also waiting. The built-in cabinets and the kitchen need to be finished first before they can install the remaining cornices and baseboards.

And as mentioned in the last post, the built-in cabinets have hit a snag since RMV Hardwoods didn't come up to scratch and we are now searching for another supplier.

Meanwhile, Alecto is waiting for all of them to be done so that they can attach the light fixtures. Since the place is still dusty and some of the lamps are covered with fabric, I've decided that it would not be a good idea to install the lights at this time.

But I am happy to report that Avida has fixed the problems mentioned last October 2010. Though, last week we discovered that the staircase steps cracked when the bookshelves were brought up to the second floor. Enrg. Frolan has been informed of the situation and he has promised to fix it.

It seems fixed but what about the varnish?

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