30 November 2010

Window Shopping: Built-in Cabinets 1

During a particularly strong typhoon late last year, our room got flooded. The cabinets (pictured above), which we had purchased from Our Home in 2007, got drenched and turned into cardboard. Think of a paper towel soaked in water - you can create a hole just by poking it slightly with your finger.

Since the cabinets were not made of solid wood (i.e. medium-density fibreboard), it was not only susceptible to water, mold also grew in abundance no matter how many times you cleaned it or sprayed it with Lysol, alcohol or bleach. Oh, did I mention how poorly it was made? Needless to say, it was a nightmare that cost us Php 13,290. Affordable but not exactly the cheapest thing considering how long it lasted and the mold incovenience.

In comparison, our custom-made furniture also got soaked but did not suffer the same fate as the ones bought from Our Home. They've also never had mold. I then vowed that if ever we were to buy cabinets again, they would be made our of real wood. Expensive, but we'd somehow find a way.

I then started asking for quotes to see how much it would cost to replace the aforementioned cabinets. I sent a sketch to three suppliers and here are the rates they gave:

Three-Door Closet
Dimensions: 48.75" X 21.5" X 77"H

Two-Door Closet
Dimensions: 34" X 21.5" X 77"H

- Danilyn's Enterprises, Inc.

Office: B7 L19 Gladiola St., TS Cruz Subdivision Almanza I, Las PiƱas City
Telephone Numbers: 850 4638 to 39, 809 2269
Email: danilyns@pldtdsl.net, danilynsmail@yahoo.com

Price for Two Door: Php 26,135
Price for Three Door: Php 33,710

Specifications: Proposed 3/4" thick ordinary plyboard panel and shelving construction. Drawers with handle and full extension drawer guide. Woodstain finish.

Note: I found out about them through Real Living magazine. I was also thinking that they might be cheaper considering they're located near our house. Turns out not.

- Juro Furniture

Office: Pampanga
Telephone Numbers: 0918 676 3911, 045 322 6117
Email: jurofurniture@yahoo.com

Price for Two Door: Php 23,500
Price for Three Door: Php 33,500

Specifications: All plyboard with laminated edges, solid wood KD tanguile and varnish wenge color, stainless handle, concealed hinges. Metal rod stainless.

Note: They were recommended by Earl's officemates. One of them saw the shop while in Pampanga, went in and liked what they saw. They placed an order then recommended them to another officemate who also ordered and told Earl about it.

- RMV Hardwoods & Antiques Shop

Office: Pangasinan
Telephone Number: 0915 925 9919

Price for Two Door: Php 15,000
Price for Three Door: Php 20,000

Specifications: All Gmelina wood except the handles and bottom of drawers (plywood), stainless handles. Metal rod stainless. Thickness of wood: 1 inch.

Note: They have made furniture for some of the expatriates at work.

This was a no-brainer but we decided that we'll try two of the suppliers as we don't know how any of them will turn out. We'll skip the most expensive one though for obvious reasons.


MorningSun said...

Interested to know if RMV hardwoods & antiques delivered quality work on your chosen cabinet.

Nicole said...

Hi Mira,

Unfortunately, no. Here's what I posted in 2011:


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