17 July 2010

Kitchen Cabinets: Cusm Furniture Shop

I am my mother's daughter.

Almost a decade ago, when I first moved in to the apartment that I shared with friends, I took a particularly keen interest in setting up our kitchen. And while I was thinking of what else we needed for the place, I had mentioned to my friend Ivonne that I was going to buy a kitchen timer. She laughed so hard and asked why I would need one! That's when I realized that I had become my mom.

My mom is a really good cook and while I do not cook as often, I've always loved preparing food and inviting people over. In fact, long before we even bought the house, I was already planning for all the dinner parties Earl and I were going to have!

So it was no surprise that I wanted a kitchen I could spend the whole day in and I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. Now the problem is that dreams don't often jive with reality. And as much as I wanted kitchen cabinets by SieMatic, I was not willing to spend that much on just one area of the house.

Thus the search for the cheaper option. In our quest for kitchen cabinet makers, we asked for a quote from the following vendors:

- Cabinet Specialist Inc.
- Canadian Kitchen
- Kicco Kitchen
- KusinArt Kitchen System
- Modular Plus
- Rian Commercial
- SieMatic (for the local distributor, click here)
- Viro Casa

In the end, we decided on Cusm Furniture Shop. They gave the lowest quote but I think they gave a discount as the owners also happen to be related to Earl. We cannot personally vouch for their work as we've never had a kitchen done before. But then again, we can't vouch for any of the other kitchen cabinet suppliers.

Below are pictures of kitchens they've already done and based on this, I am optimistic.

Recent Project in General Trias

Avida Model Unit


jennifer said...


stumble upon your blog while searching kitchen cabinet.

Just want to ask where cust furniture shop is.

Contact detail or address if possible

Thanks a lot.


Nicole said...

Hi Jennifer,

- Cusm Furniture Shop

Office & Factory: Blk.15, Lot 2, Real St., Villa Eusebia Subdv, Pulang Lupa, Las Pinas City
Telephone Numbers: 828 5156, 828 5153, 0922 815 6206
Email: cusmfurniture@yahoo.com.ph

You can find their quotation via the following URL:


aliah said...


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kitchen renovators said...

Where can I find the Cusm Furniture Shop? I like their furniture because they really look good and will surely compliment my ktichen room. I hope I could get a response from you. Thanks.

plumbing supplies said...

Those kitchen are really awesome. A new kind of material is now being used for such construction in order to see it more classical.

Marian Smith said...

Wooo. Amazing work, so beautiful. I hope my kitchen furniture turns to a beautiful food station just like yours.

Renovating Kitchen Cabinets said...

I am very happy to read such a wonderful blog which gives the helpful information. thanks for sharing. 

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