11 October 2010

Renovation Update 4

I'm so very tired, my limbs are aching all over and I've got the sniffles. In short, due to this house, I am just plain old exhausted. In a way, I'm glad we don't have children yet otherwise I don't know where I'm going to get enough energy!

The house has been like a giant jigsaw puzzle with all these bits and pieces coming together. And while I've envisioned in my head how it will all come out, we will have to see if things will more or less go as planned. I'm not striving for perfection as I doubt if that will be possible but with regards to the painting, I think Paul the painter has come close to matching the colors shown in Color Schemes.

Alecto has finished 98% of their work and their only pending item is to install four lamps. This is my fault though as I can't seem to find lights I like. The bathroom wall mounted light, for example, was basically bought out of desperation from Aristocrat as it was Alecto's final day (last Friday) before they go on hiatus. They will be back once I've found the rest of the lights which I'm hoping to buy during Shopper's Day at the upcoming Manila F.A.M.E. this October 21.

Thus far, I am loving how the room colors have come out and are blending with the other colors. One of the things I learned in the decorating books I've read is that when you open a door, the color outside (i.e. hallway) should not clash with the color inside. It helps that the underlying color for the three rooms upstairs is blue. Which, you may now have guessed, is my favorite color.

It was a bit difficult for the painter to get the exact shades I wanted even if I showed him a picture. As mentioned in Hindsight, paint in liquid form might match the color in a book but once applied to cement or wood, it can come out quite differently!

The problem was solved by going to Wilcon, buying ready-mixed paint from Davies and applying it to the walls for the painter to copy. And at just Php 180 per liter (compared to Ace at Php 500), it not only saves time by eliminating a lot of guesswork but you end up getting exactly what you want.

Next up are the kitchen cabinets. I am already finalizing the design with Cusm Furniture Shop and I'm hoping the main portion will be completed within the next three weeks.


Rianne said...

Nice! =) Love the colors of the room =D

Nicole said...

Thanks Rianne! Our aim is for the rooms to look cool and comfortable.

Jen said...

having our kitchen renovated is stressing and tiring me out, so i can imagine how tired you must be feeling considering you're having your whole house done.

going through each and every detail is just sooo...what's the word... tedious! i sometimes find myself getting out of bed to re-measure or check my layout. hahaha! OC?

it's just that i feel i might not have the opportunity to renovate my kitchen again in the next couple of years (maybe except to repaint the cabinets) because the little one is about to go to school in a year or two, so i want everything to be as near to perfect as i envisioned it to be. or OC lang talaga ako? hahaha!

anyway, i'm always looking forward to your updates... i love the pictures, especially of everything you are getting or contemplating on getting for your home. sarap mag-build ng "dream home" noh? masarap na mahirap at masakit sa ulo at bulsa. :-)

btw, just as i predicted our house is a mess because of the demolition of the existing kitchen! and getting stuff out of the cabinets is like opening Pandora's box! puno na room ng son ko which we use as a spare room since he sleeps with us. grabe ang kalat!

Nicole said...

Hi Jen,

I'm exactly the same! I also get out of bed just to double check measurements, instructions or quotes. Thoughts of the house either keep me up late or wake me up early.

You're not just OC =) We too want to fix everything we can before we have kids. Because once the kids are here, then most of our money will go to them.

And I'm glad you like the updates! And you're so right about fixing up the house - it's nice, difficult, a pain in the head and it's fast draining our funds! Imagine over a year's worth of savings gone in two months...

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