25 October 2010

Paint Job Review

Last week, Maricel asked me if Avida was going to finish painting the window casings outside. She explained that it looks as if they had just done one coat of paint.

I mentioned this to Des from the head office and Engrs. Frolan and Mark when they went to the house last Thursday to check on the problematic bathroom sinks (which you can read about here). Frolan immediately said that it was already finished and asked me, "the house was turned over to you, right?" in Filipino. I felt a tinge of sarcasm in his tone. I maybe sensitive when it comes to the house but I think I know when someone is being sarcastic. Let's just say, I use sarcasm quite often...

I pointed out the areas Maricel described, he started inspecting it in places I never thought of, and declared that Maricel was right! Further checks outside revealed that the paint in other areas were either peeling or bubbly. To think that it has only been four months since the house was turned over to us...

Engr. Mark commented that the reason for the peeling and the bubbles was that the paint had not been mixed well. I said, "Wasn't it Avida that did the painting?" And he gave me a sheepish smile and said that this was under Rommel's jurisdiction.

As to the sinks, Engr. Frolan advised that they will fix the ground floor bathroom sink but that Avida is "just accommodating" us. He further explained that since we signed a waiver due to the non-installation of the bathroom tiles, the sink was technically for our account.

First of all Frolan, we never signed a waiver and we have it in writing that we only asked Avida not install the bathroom tiles. It was a surprise to us that they didn't install the sinks and the toilets.

Second, Ellen advised that we should have told Avida that the sink and toilet installation was for a later date. Uh, we've already paid the plumber. Shouldn't we have been informed of this from the beginning?

Third, we got the standard unit which includes bathroom and sink installation. This means it's already paid for.

To Frolan and Rommel, I am sure we will all get along sometime in the future. But at the moment I just don't see that happening especially if you talk to us like we owe Avida a favor.

Try looking at things from our perspective because from all accounts, it's Avida that owes us big time.

In the meantime, please fix the house. Because if there was nothing wrong with the place, then I would not need to call you. Now wouldn't the thought of NOT seeing me be incentive enough to do things correctly this time?


Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

Avida's painting job on your house is also problematic? Ang dami ng issues ng house. This should not be the case since the house you purchased is not BASIC compared to what I purchased. They should treat you well.

Based on my experience with them, customized installation of bathroom tiles will impact the toilet and sink thus Avida will not install it.

Check out the measurement of your bathroom and compare vs the overall approved plan. If there are discrepancies and contributes on your bathroom problems, they should fix everything.


popcorn said...

Gosh, Nicole.

Your blog is fast becoming a list of what to check or what to do when we get a chance to have our own house built some day. Parang scary tuloy.

Hang in there, konting tiis pa. It does sound like you're on the last stretch na, patapos na naman no ? or almost ?

Nicole said...

@Maxi - we should have done what you did! I've always felt that Avida treats us as though they gave us the house for free...

Ellen said that we should have told them to install the sink and toilets at a later date. But she gave this advice way too late.

I'll have Maricel check the bathroom as soon as possible.

@Jean - yes to both! Though I didn't plan it that way, it has become a blog about "what to look out for." But I don't mind if someone else can get something out of it =)

The interior renovation is almost done so hopefully, this will all be over soon. I can't wait!

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