12 September 2010

Color Schemes

I recently changed the look of this blog - it used to have a yellow and green polka dot background. But when Blogger came up with new templates, I decided it was time for Two Storeys to get a make-over.

The colors chosen for this new look represent the colors that we are planning to use for the house. Here are the color schemes for each room:

Ground Floor

The picture on the left is for the living, dining and kitchen areas. We also plan to extend this scheme to the stairwell and the second floor hallway. The color shown on the right is for the bathroom in combination with the tiles shown here.

Guest Bedroom

Study Room

Master's Bedroom
The ivory color you see on the left will be used in the bathroom to be paired with the tiles shown here. The bluish green color on the right is actually the color of our current bedroom. We're going to use it again for our new bedroom as Earl says it makes him feel calm and relaxed.

Note: All images shown here were obtained online over the last three years. Thus I can no longer pinpoint the websites where the images were taken.


ivymarasigan said...

i love the colors!

Nicole said...

Thanks Ivy! I just hope the paint mixer will be able to get them exactly as shown in the pictures.

AEC said...

lovely colors! the ground floor paint is the same as our bedroom. very cool/relaxing.

Nicole said...

Thanks Mandy! Nice to know that we've chosen the right color as cool and relaxing is exactly what we're after for the ground floor.

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