20 April 2017

Window Shopping: Pest Control (Again)

One of the door jambs was eaten by termites. When we first hired Mapecon to do pest control, we thought we could just have the place treated once a year. But when they returned the following year, Mapecon informed us that one of the wooden door jambs was already hollow. We then signed up for quarterly maintenance as we didn't want any further damage to our house.

We're not sure who is to blame - was it us for not having done the regular maintenance schedule sooner or Mapecon for not getting it right the first time? To be fair, they did not guarantee complete eradication of termites which is why they were pushing for the quarterly maintenance schedule. Though some people I know only had pest control done once and that was it.

Either way, we've decided to try a different supplier. The following pest control companies require a two year contract and their rate for one year is similar to that of Mapecon, but they will only treat for termites. Mapecon did termites AND common household pests (e.g. ants, cockroaches, etc.) for roughly the same yearly fee.

Entom Pest Control
Rate: Php 22,100

Pest Away Corporation
Rate: Php 28,000

Timberpro, Inc.
Rate: Php 19,650

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