10 April 2017

Fence, Gate & Carport: Reach Out & Build Inc.

AQM, a company that started out by making furniture, is the trusted contractor of my friend Grace. While Reach Out & Build (RO&B) was referred to us by Erick Yambao, a landscape architect who was featured in Real Living. Both contractors also do custom made furniture.

The difference between the quotations they submitted was just Php 1180.42 so we could have gone either way. What clinched it for us was aside from RO&B's furniture rates being lower, they were the only ones who offered to inspect our house to give us a more affordable option.

Now we have a new contractor and a different carport design. Initially, we wanted the garage to look like the rest of the house, until Erick commented that it would be too dark. He suggested that we build a pergola instead so it would also seem like an extension of the garden which I thought was a wonderful idea.

Note: The total price for the design above is Php 389,850, but we're having the roof extended a bit for an additional Php 5000.

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alex amarxon said...

the chest that they were talking about having me make to put at the end of their bed. They are on a tight budget, so this really helped them out! Win Win!!! Demir Leather & Furniture

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