29 February 2012

Window Shopping: Fence & Gate

About a month ago, I was talking to a few people about the cost of putting up a fence and I mentioned to them that we would be spending over Php 300,000 just for three walls, a gate, and the carport without the roof. They then started laughing and told me that was way too high and that it should only cost us around Php 275,000 inclusive of the roof.

I felt bad at that point and they took pity on me by giving me a list of contractors who have done work for other residents in the village. So with renewed optimism, I asked them for quote. But to ensure the suppliers were all on the same footing, I sent them a "fence kit" containing the carport plan, staking layout and the specifications that Maricel from Rabacon sent to me last year (which you can read here) but without the rates:


• CHB Perimeter Fence - Cement Plaster Finish with Paint
- 13.00mts x 6’ ht per side x 3 sides (right side, left side & back fence)
- 6” concrete hollow blocks
- 10mm re-enforcement bars for post, tie-beams & dowels
- Smooth plain cement plaster finish on both sides
- 2 coats of latex paint finish (per owner’s color choice)

• Steel Fence - Picket Fence Design - Paint Finish
- Picket fence design
- 13.00mts x 6’ ht (front steel fence)
- Carport gate – 5.00mts x 6’ ht
- Pedestrian gate – 1.00mt x 6’ ht
- One layer of concrete hollow blocks before steel fence – paint finish
- Includes electrical provisions for post lamps
- Primer and 2 coats enamel paint finish (per owner’s color choice)

• Garage Floor Finish
- Plain cement mixed with white cement finish with grooves
- 5.00mts x 13.00mts
- 10mm re-enforcement bars
- Includes labor and materials for concrete


- Jaime A. Pacheco

Telephone Number: 0929 463 3861
Email: jimmy_pacheco@yahoo.com

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 219,030.50
Steel Fencce - Php 62,916.00
Garage Floor Finish - Php 61,250.00
Total: Php 343,196.50

- Loida P. Sustiguer

Telephone Number: 0927 262 3735
Email: lp_sustiguer@yahoo.com

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 185,000.00
Steel Fencce - Php 100,000.00
Garage Floor Finish - Php 65,000.00
Total: Php 350,000.00

- Varian M. Falcutila

Telephone Number: 0918 220 1756
Email: varian.falcutila@yahoo.com

Total: Php 360,100.60

- Edcor Builders

Telephone Numbers: 668 7584, 0917 602 4032, 0922 456 1375
Email: edcor.builders@gmail.com
Website: http://edcor.webs.com

CHB Perimeter Fence - Php 201,498.80
Steel Fence - Php 112,060.20
Garage Floor Finish - Php 65,000.00
Total: Php 378,559.00

> Pop! < That was my hope bubble bursting after seeing those rates. Oh, well.


metalcarportdepotllc said...

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Ethel Hope Dignadice-Villaflor said...

Thanks for sharing. This gives me an idea of how much will I need to spend for the walls and gates. Ang mahal pala, 2012 pa yan, 2014 na ngayon.

Nicole said...

You're welcome Ethel! Yup, mahal. We just finished the garage floor and the current cost is Php 79,821.25:


eva said...

Hi Nicole,

thanks for sharing this post. Grabe, ive been trying to look for some estimates, to at least get a rough idea before i go formally inquire to a proper contractor. And luckily enough, it seems like we're on the same area pa.lol That's under avida right. But disappointingly.. i realized na mahal pala mgpafirewall. =( yikes. I checked out your other post, question po, un 80k, that's just for the garage floor cement, or kasama na un one firewall on the left side? Or is that your neighbor's firewall?

Nicole said...

Hi Eva,

Yup, it's Avida and yes mahal ang cemento =) The 80k is just for garage floor as the wall belongs to the neighbor.

Eva said...

Thanks Nicole, been reading more and more posts, nakakaaddict ang blog mo. =) Plus, sobrang helpful talaga. im near my turnover stage, and initially i was just planning to go through it by myself. I mean the inspection etc.. since i think its partly because im too confident with them in terms of quality, saying its under ayala, so they probably have a high standard when approving stuff. But after reading your experience and all the CRAZY issues you had to go through, i realized that's a big no no.. I probably need to have some professional with me when i go through the checking and before i sign any papers.. Let's just say, hindi ako mapanuring tao.lol I just take a glance at stuff and say ok. but anyway, i just really want to say thanks for being so generous in sharing your step by step experience (even expenses) while getting everything done. Thank you and more power to your blog. =)

Nicole said...

You're welcome Eva and I'm really glad you find the blog helpful! Good luck with your house and have fun decorating =)

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