17 February 2012

Shop Hop: FMF Compound

On the same side of the road as 5Corners, you'll find the FMF Compound which houses the following stores:

Regalong Pambahay

This branch sells both clearance and regular items so not all items are on sale. They had these wooden coasters with really cute designs for Php 396 (original price is Php 495 for a set of four). That is if you pay in cash, otherwise credit card payments are only 15% off instead of 20%.

This picture frame is selling for Php 200. I was thinking that this would be perfect in the small study as the green would go really well with the room's color scheme.

I SO wanted go shopping but if I started buying things, where would I stash them? Our current abode is overflowing with so much stuff already. I guess I just have to be patient for a little while longer.

Komodo Artcrafts

I must admit that I was surprised with this store having seen prices of teak furniture before and they're usually prohibitive. The rates here, while not bargain-basement cheap, are more middle-class friendly.

They can also change the finish of the wood at an extra cost and might take more time as all the furniture is made in Indonesia.

They're currently having a sale which you can read about here.

FMF Compound, 126 Pioneer Street
Mandaluyong City

While not located in the FMF Compound, this place is across the street:

Crayzee! Factory Sales

I've always been curious about this shop due to the many ads posted on various blogs. Their decor items are from China and the furniture is from Spain. We found a four seater wooden dining set for around Php 10,500. Other prices can be found on their website.


Faye Paras said...

I love your shop hop series Nicole! I used to frequent that area too when I still lived in the Mandaluyong area. I wish we have something like that here in Cavite.

Nicole said...

Thanks Faye! I wish we did too as it would be so much easier =)

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