07 February 2012

Our First Warehouse Visit

Earl and I went to the Carrier warehouse last Saturday to check out their sale on air conditioners (ACs). I guess I was expecting the place to look a little bit more orderly - like a regular store only in a more cavernous location. Not sure where I got that idea...

One thing I learned from the excursion is that it's much better if you already know what you're looking for. Not exactly necessary but it helps to know the model you want to buy as the items are just stacked on top of each other.

Take note that the units sold here are termed as "Class B" which means they're brand new but with a few dents and scratches. We rarely use the AC so we're not particular about the appearance as long as it works (though the ones we saw looked just fine from the front).

There were no split-type units available that day apparently because their prices are still going through an approval process, but we did find the following window room air conditioners (WRACs):

- With Remote
iCool 1 HP - Php 12,200
iCool .75 HP - Php 11,100

- Manual
iCool 1 HP - Php 11,000
iCool .75 HP - Php 9,900

They only accept cash and the warranty is six (6) months for the compressor, parts and labor.

Hmmm... We were not sure how good a bargain these were so I decided to stop by Avant at the Alabang Town Center yesterday to compare prices:

- With Remote
iCool 1 HP - Php 19,500
iCool .75 HP - Php 17,098

These rates are for cash or straight credit card purchases. The warranty is five (5) years for the compressor and one (1) year for parts and labor.

This gave me pause. Is the Php 7300 difference (with remote control) worth the five year warranty? Earl doesn't think so and is leaning towards getting the 1 HP manual version at Php 11,000 considering our room is really tiny.

Should we buy one to try out and see what happens? We were advised that they sell Class B items year round so we'll have time to think about it and come back for a second look.


preppy chick said...

Try Fair N Square in Binondo (241-3272 to 76). If you pay in cash, their price is about 25-30% off the mall prices. You get brand new and full warranty items. They deliver for free too.

We bought all our appliances from them.

Nicole said...

Thanks! We'll definitely check the place out =)

Matilda Nelson said...

Not bad for a warranty of six months for the compressor, parts and labor - judging by the numbers, it's pretty affordable for a Carrier AC. May I ask, what time did you and Earl go to the warehouse?

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