14 September 2010

Sale! Surplus House Items

Since we have a lot of surplus materials at the house, we are selling the following:

Teka Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Price: Php 3300

- size (whole) - 86cm x 44cm
- size (sink / drainboard only) - 36cm x 34cm
- gauge - 18
- fittings not included

- price at Wilcon and Alabang Home Depot is Php 4330 includng fittings
- fittings can be purchased at Wilcon for Php 611 (if Teka brand)

Apo Vinyl Floor Tiles - Mimicri

Price: Php 20 / pc

- color - Medium Cherry
- size - 4" x 36" inches
- gauge - 1.3mm
- 43 pcs / box / 4 sqm

- price at Wilcon and Alabang Home Depot is Php 23.75 / pc
- 25 boxes available - 9 boxes left

Mariwasa 20x20 Wall Tiles - Plain White

Price: Php 10 / pc

- color - Plain White
- size - 20cm x 20cm
- 25 pcs / box

- price at Wilcon is Php 12.12 / pc
- 12 boxes available

Mariwasa 20x20 Floor Tiles - Romana White

Price: Php 10 / pc

- color - Romana White
- size - 20cm x 20cm
- 25 pcs / box

- price at Wilcon is Php 11.74 / pc
- based on my observation, Plain White is shinier than Romana White
- 4 boxes available - SOLD!

HCG L59 Wall Hung Washbasin

Price: Php 700

- color - White
- size - 452mm x 190mm x 395mm

- price at Wilcon and Alabang Home Depot is Php 1120 / pc
- faucet, p-trap, tail piece and angle valve are not included
- 1 pc available

Lucky PVC Door

Price: Php 800 / set

- color - White
- size - 210cm x 61cm
- includes 4 inch door jamb

- price at Wilcon is Php 1400 (with jamb and door knob)
- door and jamb only (door knob not included)
- part of the house that was dismantled
- 2 sets available
- we'll lower the price to Php 1500 for both sets if purchased together

Disclaimer: I've noticed that the actual color of the items vary from the photos. They take on a yellowish tinge (it might have been due to the yellow lighting at Wilcon).


Maxi said...

Wow ang daming for sale. Are these the Avida supplied materials? I used the tiles they provided for my kitchen cabinets and dirty kitchen hehehee...

I like your tile selection and practicality on your choices.Ok lang yung average spending, may labor cost ka pa kasing iisipin hehehe...

Few hours from now, Ill be moving-in to ASC. See you around the neighborhood.

Nicole said...

Yes they are =) We also used some of them (i.e. tiles and the other sink) but we didn't need all.

Thanks! But I must say the selection is due to my sister who chose most of it.

You guys must be so excited! I'll definitely be seeing you around.

ulfyel farinas said...

Hi! just want to ask if you have tiles for outside use like for terrace. thanks . god bless

Nicole said...

Hi Ulfyel, sorry but we don't have outdoor tiles.

web watcher said...

hi! i wanna buy the lucky pvc doors. how do i contact you?

Nicole said...

^Hi Rosalyn, please click on the newly installed "Email Us" tab =) Thanks!

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