04 September 2010

Laminate Flooring: Krono Original

This was a no-brainer - they were on sale.

Though for a few days, I was seriously considering Pergo. But as someone online pointed out, they are not the only good brand out there.

 Shortlisted Design Options

And while I'm not sure if Krono Original uses the Uniclic system (which you can read about here), it does come with a 15 year warranty.  According to my research, laminated floors should be under warranty for at least 15 years as "the lower-end lines have shorter warranties".

It also helps that the last time we purchased laminated wood, we also bought the same brand. But I can't really say how they've fared long term as our room got flooded last year during a typhoon - just two years after it was installed.

Trivia: There's another brand called "Kronotex" being sold locally. According to Joseph, the sales agent at Alabang Home Depot, the owner of Kronospan (which makes Krono Original) gave the business to one of his sons.  The other son decided to put up his own company and called it Kronotex.

He also said that Kronospan was the one who supplied all the parts to Pergo before they decided to go at it themselves.

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