04 July 2010

Supplier Hunting

And now for the fun part! Though it sometimes feels overwhelming as I want to cover everything at once and there's never enough time.

Finishing Contractor - we already have one company in mind but we will ask for a few more quotes before making a decision.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker - this is our top priority as I love cooking. I've been asking around since last year and after nine proposals, we've decided on Cusm Furniture. This is the supplier that gave the lowest quote but I think they also gave a substantial discount considering the owners are related to Earl. (You can read more details regarding the kitchen here and here.)

Architect - we were hoping to get help from a relative but he's busy with other projects outside of Manila thus the search for someone else.

Furniture Maker - unless we can find something off a store floor that's reasonable and fits our small space, we're anticipating that most of our furniture will be custom made. Our plan is to get from different suppliers - as opposed to just one which might be cheaper and faster in the long run. It will be like an experiment to know which one we like most. That way, if we need more furniture in the future, we'll know who to go to. Also, this will lessen the regret and disappointment in case there's a problem.

Here's where I wish we had a bigger budget - our shopping list:

1. Floor tiles
2. Bathroom tiles
3. Paint
4. Laminated wood flooring
5. Lights and dimmers
6. Cornices
7. Baseboards
8. Extra door locks and deadbolts
9. Window screens

Now if there are still funds leftover, I would like to include the following:

1. Bathroom sinks - to replace the ones provided by Avida as I want to change them to something more aesthetically pleasing
2. Door knobs - same reason as the bathroom sinks
3. Window casings
4. Head and side casings for the doors

Notice that appliances are not on on the list. This is because we will buy them right before moving in. Actual move in will depend on the state of our finances (hahaha!).

By the way, if anyone has suggestions on anything regarding the house, please leave us a note as we would love to hear you!


g_saturn said...

I can recommend a supplier for your window screens and screen doors. His shop (Regala) is just before the stoplight in Salawag. He gave us the best price for our screen windows and doors. Most of the tiles/bathroom stuff/cabinet handles, etc. I got from Wilcon in Alabang -- didn't like the choices in the tile shops and hardware in Cavite. The sand, gravel, hollow blocks, etc. -- we bought it from Bollywood (Salawag stoplight). They have the cheapest price at the time we were finishing up the house. My neighbor also recommends Sky City Trading (on your right just before reaching Avida Settings coming from SM Molino). I think she was able to get discounts from her bulk orders. You can check and compare. :)

For furniture and appliance, wait for a sale! We were fortunate that SM Southmall had several sales last Nov/Dec and we were able to get discounts for the sala set, dining set, bed frames, bed foam. Fingers-crossed! Mag-sasale yan! :) For the appliances, most of it we got from SM Molino -- at least nakalibre kami ng delivery sa dami ng binili namin.

After all of that, shocks, may kailangan pa palang curtains, paintings, landcsaping and what-not. Hay! Simut ang budget at kinulang pa! Inuunti-unti ko pa nga ngayon yung pang-"accesorize" sa house eh. :)

Good luck Nicole! :)

Nicole said...

This is great Gladys! Thanks =) We're definitely waiting for a sale as we'll be buying the furniture and appliances bit by bit (after the contractor and the kitchen, there will hardly be any funds left over).

By the way, where is Salawag please? Sorry but still clueless!

Maxi said...

Hi Ms Nicole,

We are on the same phase na pala. Im currently done searching for the contractor who will do everything for me. Ceiling installation, lighting, tiles installation, carpentry, etc.

Right now, super busy sa paghahanap ng mga materials. I was able to complete the kitchen pa lang, I bought majority of it from Hafele during their sale month. Sayang din ang 25% off nila so I grab everything my budget permits.

This week, Ill buy lighting accessories from a Chinese friend in Binondo hoping for a fair discount.

Ill get my tiles from Wilcon-Makati and Tile Express-Makati. Magaganda ang mga tiles nila. I might rent a truck to bring everything to Molino since majority of my materials will come from Tagaytay, Makati, Manila, and Cainta. Ive been roaming on this places for the past 3 months just searching for affordable and good materials. Di pa din ako tapos sa kapapasyal sa mga home depot and hardware stores.

I try to visit Salawag (kung saan man yun).

Sobrang magastos itong house na to hehehe...

Nicole said...

Hi Maxi,

Tile Express has a branch in Daang Hari. But if they don't have the tiles you need, just take note of the item details and the Daang Hari Branch will order it for you. They told me their stocks all come from the same warehouse so you won't need to pay for the delivery fee.

Is your contractor the same one who did your house? The facilities manager in my office said that it might be cheaper to get a contractor who is already affiliated with Avida.

I agree with you and Gladys, setting up the house is extremely expensive!

Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

I didn't go for the Avida contractors though I requested for their quotation as well. They're not cheap, sila yung may pinakamataas na quotation. After I made my decision, they texted me to inform that they're giving me 50% off just to get the project.

Budget wise, ok na ok na. Pero I was reminded by a friend to be careful on this matter, may catch daw yan. Unbelievable naman kasi talaga ang 50% off, parang SM sale hehehe. My contractors fee is quite reasonable naman.

My contractor company is located in Makati and before I choose them I was given the opportunity to check their works.

Im really hoping everything will go smoothly.

BTW, my unit will be completed by July 15, 2010. Ill just wait for couple of weeks for the turnover.

Nicole said...

Wow, they're on time! Lucky you =)

Can I please get the number of your Avida contractor? I'd like to compare them with the quote I have from Rabacon (the finishing contractor we shortlisted but I'll send you a separate email).

I'm also looking for an electrician as the house hardly has any electrical outlets - unless the only thing I need to plug is one electric fan per room...

Maxi said...

Sabi nga ng mga construction workers, yung house ko daw ang pinakamabilis na nagawa sa buong Avida Settings Molino. I jokingly told them na sana di rin ito ang pinakamabilis na magiba. They laughed at me at told me it will not happen. Avida also told me the same thing and they're proud on what happened. Sabi ko you only met your commitment and didn't exceeded the expectations, 6 months to build ang usapan at nameet naman nila.

I visited the site this morning and my existing contractor are extending their professional service. Definitely, Ill share their contacts as long as I got their permission to share their numbers. :-) They're very kind and I think they did a pretty good job.

Naku, mahirap nga yan kasi kelangan nilang sirain yung some portions of the wall para mainstall lang ang mga wall outlets. During my house construction, I already discussed my electrical requirements with them and they were able to adjust and provided lot of electrical wall outlet aircon outlet included per room.

I already noticed this deficiency when they gave me advance copy of the house plan, kaya talagang inuunahan ko na sila sa mga dapat nilang iadjust.

Nicole said...

Did you have an agreement with Avida about the electrical adjustments or was it just between you and the contractor?

I consulted with Alecto (an electrical engineering company) and they advised that to add the outlets I need, the cost will be around Php 80-100K.

They also told me that based on the electrical plan given by Avida, the outlet for the fridge can only accommodate a small personal ref. And if we plan to add anything else in the future (i.e. electrical water pump), it will not be possible with the current load of the house.

Alecto will send their findings via email on Monday and I will then forward it to Engr. Frolan so that Avida can explain their side.

Note: Alecto was referred to me by the facilities manager at work. He said that they were one of the best in the business.

Maxi said...

It was between me and the contractor. The outlets will not cost that much in my personal opinion.

I also have an electrical engineers who guide me on what to do during the house construction (2-3 months ago). They gave me suggestions on what to do, given the small power load of the house. You only need to add dedicated breakers for your refrigerator or similar motorized equipment (aircon included).

Basically, I already have an idea on the house limitation, not to put too much power hungry equipment.

If you want to upgrade the power of the house, you only need to upgrade the breakers tolerance.

Nicole said...

The extra outlets are the ones that will cost us Php 80K+ and upgrading anything will cost even money.

When we were talking to our sales agent, I told him about the stuff we were planning to plug in and he said that it won't be a problem.

It seems we have yet another problem.

Maxi said...

I'll call the Avida contractor who build my unit to help you on this matter. Basically, maraming talagang gagawin dyan but not as expensive as 80k+. How many additional outlets do you need?

I am on-site during the house construction to ensure my request were being implemented. You know sales, they're only good on making promises better stick with implementation team. :-)


Nicole said...

We need about a dozen more outlets. I've already talked to Ellen and she said she'll look into the matter. As it stands, the house is -34.74 amperes for all the appliances we plan to install.

Thanks! =)

Maxi said...

Wow ang dami palang kulang na outlets, no wonder your contact gave you an estimate of 80K. There are lot of items to be fixed to deliver the a dozen of wall outlets.

Nicole said...

Exactly! Which is why we'd love to get a quote from your contractor please =)

I didn't consider our contractor as we never saw the first, the second one quit midway and the third was a bit annoying.

g_saturn said...

Hi Nicole,

Just go straight ahead from Avida Settings and in less than a kilometer you'll reach a stoplight - you're in Salawag intersection na. :)

You and Maxi are on the right track re the electrical requirements of your homes. Good luck guys and see you around the village! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, try Abad Santos for furnitures. That is where we got our dining set. The same set without the glass top sells for 20K in SM. We got ours for 12K.
Our Lshape sofa, we got naman from Soho in Edsa Central. Got it for 12K because they had asale. In SM, the same sofa sells for 20K.
for the construction materials and other small furning needs, Soler is the place to be.

Nicole said...

@Gladys - Ah, we've passed there once and now will definitely go back! Thanks again =)

@Maqui - Perfect! But just to make sure I don't get lost, is Abad Santos in San Juan near Wilson St? Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

no, nicole, it is in manila. to get there, we always take the LRT. Just get off at the Abad Santos station and you will see the string of furniture shops. There is no parking so better to just commute.Delivery is free if you get a lot of items.
For the small stuff like towels, pans, linens, we got most of ours from the SM Homeworld Sale at the Megatrade last March. most items 50% off. We got sosi looking curtains for 400 per pair and king size bed linen set for only 800.
Happy shopping!

Nicole said...

Oops! Good thing I asked =) Thanks - I so cannot wait to start decorating!

Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

You can contact Mark Costles, sya yung tumulong sa akin sa electrical ng house ko. I already talked to him and he will wait for your call.


Maxi said...

@maqui, where is soler?

Nicole said...

Thanks Maxi! I'll call him once I hear from Avida.

Anonymous said...

so sorry for the delayed reply

soler is in manila. it is a long strip of shops of most things needed for a house. We learned about it from our contractor who shops from there.

according to BIL, the best way to understand how to get there is Google Earth.

Nicole said...

No problem at all and thanks Maqui!

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