02 July 2012

Window Shopping: Pest Control

We have yet to live in the house, but some creatures have moved in already. Recently, we opened a window to find an ant colony living in the cavity of the frame... But the ones that have really taken over are the spiders, lizards and a few cockroaches.

So we called a few pest control companies to inspect the house (surveys are free of charge) and give us an idea if this project will be within our budget.


Telephone Number: 525 0434
Email: mapecon_marketing@yahoo.com

Scope of Work:
1. Soil Treatment
2. Wood Drenching
3. Termite Abatement Maintenance Program
4. General Pest Abatement Maintenance Program
5. Rat Abatement Maintenance Program

Php 15,800 - Total cost for one year contract with one general treatment and quarterly service maintenance. (VAT inclusive)

TERMS: Less 5% discount or Php 15,010 payable in full upon signing of the contract.

*For non-full payment

Php 11,000 - Payable upon 1st service and remaining balance of Php 4,800 is payable every quarterly service at Php 1,200.

International Fumigation

Telephone Number: 0916 540 9530
Email: i_f_s_i@yahoo.com

Scope of Work:
1. Subterranean Termite Control Treatment Service

Php 13,500 - First comprehensive treatment for entire residence wooden structure, and soil treatment.

Php 2,500/quarter - For quarterly maintenance treatment service.


Telephone Number: 0917 803 7771
Email: markjayson.canaveras@rentokil.com

Scope of Work:
1. Strategic Sub-Slab Termiticide Application
2. Spraying for the Control of Termites
3. Spraying and Misting for Cockroaches and Ants

Php 21,960 - One time treatment only (VAT inclusive)

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