24 August 2011

Supplier Ratings: Electrical Contractor

Supplier: Alecto General Technology Corporation
Price Tag: Php 118,000
Rating: 9/10 (10 being the highest)

The lights are still working and nothing has exploded (yet) so dare I say it? I LOVED working with them! Note that they were not perfect but before I get ahead of myself, "they" refers to Tsino and Irwin who worked on the house and Eman their supervisor.

We gave them a key to the place and they just let themselves in because I was advised by the people from my office that I didn't need to look in on them as Alecto knows what they're doing.

So from what I did see, they were neat and they had pride in the work they did. They also got along well with the workers from Rabacon.

More importantly, they were all so easy to talk to. In Filipino there's an expression that goes "magaan dalhin" when describing someone - literally it means "light to carry." They did over and beyond the call of duty. Extra outlets? Not a problem. Change the location of the sockets again? Sure. Extra cost? None!

Now we can confidently plug in anything without fear or multiple extension cords.

In case you're wondering why we needed an electrician, you can read it here and here.

So far no major ones and only a couple of very minor issues.

Since Alecto chipped at the walls and floors to embed and reroute wires, cement was needed to cover them all up again. This was included in the contract so technically we already paid for the restoration materials. But they used the cement provided by Rabacon instead. We didn't mind too much as they did not charge for all the extra work we asked them to do.

They also forgot to install one dimmer switch which Tsino rectified last week. Though in the greater scheme of things, this was not a problem.


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