03 April 2010

There's More Happening Next Door

Two weeks after our last visit, there's STILL not much to report:

As opposed to the neighbor's house which already has windows and half the roof:

When Avida told us last September that the latest completion date would be February 2010, I mentioned in this blog that I was betting more on March. Well, we were BOTH wrong.

In their last email, Ellen said that the house will be completed by the end of this month. Well, we know how good Avida is at schedules and promises...


Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

Avida Customer Service Manager arranged an schedule to meet me tomorrow at Greenbelt Makati. I informed my officemate to join me since he also purchased H&L at Avida Settings and also got worried upon reading your blog. You're getting new fans! Do you want to join us to directly discuss the issue with them?

They sent me a letter dated March 8, 2010 informing me of on-going construction. I have no idea where did they got the report. I visited the place with my family last March 27, 2010 and seen nothing. There go the Avida schedule and promises, we are on the same boat.

Standing on your shoes, its really frustrating to see those slow moving development.

Let me know if you're interested and drop me a message at FB.


Nicole said...

Hi Maxi,

The more the merrier! That way, Avida will really stick to their word =)

Oh, I wish I could go but I work in the south and can't go on leave at the moment. But do give me an update on the meeting please!


Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

I wish you joined us over lunch and raised your issues. Im sure you'll be surprised to know the mystery behind the quick development of your neighbor's house. They informed me of your schedule in meeting them.

The meeting went well, new commitment was given. Let's see how they will handle it this time and hoping for improvement VERY soon.

Hope they learned my small lecture on customer experience and living their commitment.

Im excited to see your new post after meeting them!

Nicole said...

Well, they have not said anything to me about a meeting. But if they tell me that the reason for our house being delayed is due to the shortage of materials, I will really start screaming! If there's a shortage, then why is the other house more advanced in terms of construction?

I hope they will learn from your lecture. Remember the neighbor I mentioned whose house turnover was delayed by seven months? She was also complaining about Avida's customer service.

Yup, I'll definitely give an update once I hear from them.

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