19 April 2010

The Last Straw!!!

Do you see anything wrong with the first picture?

The house has been painted the WRONG color. As per the contract, it's supposed to be BLUE. It's in Annex C - Avida even typed it in.

Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 1:44 PM
To: "AVIDA Ellen
Cc: Earl, AVIDA Desiree, AVIDA Noel, AVIDA Ferdie, Stephen

Hi Ellen,

I just spoke to the new contractor as the second one has apparently quit. He advised that the house won't be ready by the end of April.

This was also what the previous contractor told me over the phone a few days ago (he was at the house last week).

Also, they have painted the house green. May I please ask why since it's supposed to be BLUE?

Oh, by the way, the new contractor mentioned that the previous contractor didn't do a very good job. For the UTTERLY SLOW pace that it's taking for the house to be built, and he still didn't do a good job - what more for now that they are obviously trying to hurry things up?

I wonder what else is wrong with the house - aside from it being painted green?

Top priority, huh? That's what you also said when you promised the March 31 and April 30 turnover.

So the list is growing - EXTREMELY SLOW construction, shoddy workmanship (according to the person I talked to today) and now the house has been painted green.



From: AVIDA Noel M
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 02:45 PM
To: Nicole
Cc: AVIDA Ellen

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you for a meeting to discuss and clarify actions being taken to resolve this issue.

Please let us know your convenient time. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Customer Care and Product Delivery Department
Avida Land Corporation


Nicole: You know, if you guys were really making this "top priority" as per the email of Ellen, you would be aware of what's happening with the house and I wouldn't need to send an email regarding our concerns. Fact is, if it were "top priority", there wouldn't be any concerns at all.

Also, we've already met with Avida (ask Tin and Cathy), not that much came out of it. So if you have any clarifications to make, please do so in writing with Earl and Stephen copied in.

We no longer wish to waste our leaves just to meet up with you. By the way, I thought you told Maxi last April 6 during your meeting that you already have a schedule to meet with us? If that were true, then why are you just asking now?

Noel: Your account is in our priority list. I perfectly understand where you are coming from; I am upset that you are experiencing this situation. I would like to let you know that I am here to give solutions to your concern/s. Trust me, I can help you. I wanted to meet you in person to personally explain the reason behind the delay and I would like apologize for this. Moving forward, I am handling your account now personally and make sure things will move as what you have expected. I have mentioned to Maxi that I have also asked Ellen to set a meeting for me to meet you in person.

Nicole: Again, we will not waste our leaves. And for what? Yet another apology? Anything you care to explain can be done in writing.

Also, for something that's top priority, it took you two weeks to set up a meeting? You told Maxi that you already have a schedule to meet with us - that's completely different from "we're going to schedule a meeting".

Why do I have this funny feeling that if I had not sent an email today, we would not have heard from Avida at all?

Noel: I have been monitoring updates given to me by Ellen on a daily basis regarding your account since she is my account manager. I will send a letter to formalize our commitment date for the turn over of your unit. Thank you.

In his email, Noel mentioned that we should "trust" him. Uh, Avida can't be trusted to send us updates, tell the truth or even get the color of the house right...

Now, they want to meet with us to apologize and explain in person? What, take time off from work just to hear how sorry they are? What will that accomplish? Absolutely nothing unless they can magically turn the house over to us by this Saturday.

He can help and now things will move as expected? I don't know, we were expecting the house last year. Can he help with that?

I pointed this out to Ruth before - what if we were paying for the down payment on installment and we were late by six months? Would saying "sorry" over and over again suffice? I don't think so.

We also told Ruth that we were okay with the house being late provided the gift certificates could be extended. Well, not anymore.

Did I mention the house is green?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,

Im reading the words of Noel and I think its the same pitch he gave me, bravo!

Three of us were considered as top priority, ilan pa ba tayong top priority? Buong subdivision? The word top priority was abused and misused on their statements. I wont be suprised if they can define the word as well.

With regards to the color, I was informed last Dec 2009 that the default color for that model is green. Im suprised to know yours is blue.

Communication is their number one problem and should be improved. Why do they need to hear angry customers before they act on it?


Nicole said...

When we paid the down payment, they gave us a sheet with the color options (blue, green, yellow and pink). We chose one, signed, and they then included it in the contract.

The others I know who also live in the village were also given a choice. But the default color is green (based on the model unit).

Yes, they have a problem with communication - huge. They like to tell you one thing but the reality is the opposite of what they're saying.

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