05 August 2017

Supplier Ratings: Landscaper

Supplier: Cristina's Lawn & Garden
Price Tag: Php 47,400 + 12,660 = Php 60,060
Rating: Php 8/10 (10 being the highest)

The owner, Ms. Celia Castro, was very easy to deal with and it took them about three days to finish everything.

Nothing major. Some of the stepping stones were not positioned correctly in that the gaps are not uniform. For example, 13 inches at one end, 8 inches on the other end, and 10 inches in the middle.

The garden looks a bit scraggly, but that's because I decided to go with young plants as they're cheaper. I'm also debating whether or not to wait a few months for the plants to grow before adding more.


For an additional Php 12,660, we had the following done to the garden:
- fix the incline of the soil near the garage so that water won't pool
- add more plants
- add more stepping stones
- place pebbles in the area that used to be covered in cement

Here are the results:

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