20 July 2017

Landscaper: Christina's Lawn & Garden

While Marliz Driftwood Shop's labor charge was cheaper, their rates for plants (per piece) was higher. So I was thinking that I might be able to save more with Christina's Lawn & Garden especially if I decide on adding more greenery.

The village has a crew of guys who help maintain the landscaping for the public areas, and one of them offered his services for our garden. At first I was enthusiastic as he had the lowest quotation, but a closer look at his plan (which I somehow lost), showed a few plants and mostly pebbles. And looking at pictures of other gardens he has done in the area, I felt that his aesthetic didn't match mine. But the deal breaker was that he was not keen on letting me visit the garden center where he'd be getting his supplies. I asked to see the place and he has yet to reply back.

Since my knowledge of plants is almost zero, I want a supplier where I can go and actually look at my options.

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