25 October 2013

Renovation Update 13

Earl is not too happy (again) with Maricel of Rabacon.

When we came home two months ago, the garage floor and all other pending items should have been completed so that we can already have the house rented. That didn't happen so I booked yet another ticket to Manila for October. That trip ended yesterday and the house still isn't done.

In July last year, before we moved to Singapore, we paid the down payment for the installation of a narrow roof to cover the backdoor and the outside sink (you can read the details here). The purpose of the roof is so that people can still work despite the downpour and the rain won't be coming into the house through the back door. Guess what? Maricel forgot about it. She was only reminded of it when we reviewed all the contracts a couple of days ago.

The garage floor that Maricel promised would be completed before October 20 still isn't finished:

Earl is so upset he insisted on talking to Maricel last night (though he's not yet at boiling point). He told her that we pay on time and never even ask for a discount with all the quotes she's given us, but we're clearly not a priority to her. I told Earl that I am partly to blame since I've been quite lenient as I like her and Í can't seem to get mad when I'm with her (it helps that she's nice).

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