20 June 2013

Renting Out: Part 1

Before we moved into our current apartment, we were told that the unit will be professionally cleaned. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and it took a week for me to clean and disinfect everything. So we were thinking that if ever we did get a tenant, and provided there's enough budget, we'd have the house cleaned.

I only know of two companies that provide this service in Manila. The first is Dirty Business which I got from a local d├ęcor magazine. They had an issue on suppliers that the top interior designers go to and Dirty Business was mentioned by one of them. According to the article, the company "Focuses on post-construction cleaning as its core offering. This could mean full detail cleaning of new or newly-renovated houses."

The second was found in an advertisement in Real Living Philippines (I think). Merry Maids is an international franchise based in the United States.

Dirty Business

Scope of work:
• Dust and dirt extraction of all rooms,
• Sanitizing and cleaning of all cabinets and shelves,
• Cleaning of laundry, pantry and utility areas and maid’s room,
• Cleaning of doors, sliding doors, stairs, windows, and walls,
• Sanitizing and disinfecting of toilets and bathrooms,
• Cleaning of all indoor glass fixtures,
• Sanitizing and disinfecting of kitchen and dirty kitchen,
• Polishing of all stainless steel fixtures,
• Cleaning of all lighting fixtures, and
• Cleaning and disinfecting of all interior floors.

Contract price: Php 8,400 (Php 100 per sq.m.)

Price includes cost of wages, supplies, supervision and use of equipment.

Terms of payment: By cash or check made payable to DIRTY BUSINESS, INC. 50% down payment upon acceptance of offer, which serves as reservation for requested cleaning date. Balance to be paid upon turnover of house.

Merry Maids

Scope of work:
• Wiping/dusting
• Vacuuming
• Rest room Cleaning
• Glass Cleaning
• Wet Mopping
• Sanitizing

Contract price: Php 8,900

Price includes the equipment, tools, supplies, and chemicals needed to complete the work.

Manpower: Four (4) Merry Maids

Term of payment: Immediately after completion. Please make check payable to JOLLY MAIDS INC.VIII. VAT Inclusive.

In case anyone has tried out either cleaning company, we would love to hear from you.

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