11 March 2013

Sell or Rent?

That is the question.

Earl's boss recently told him that one, he is not allowed to resign and two, he won't be going home anytime soon. Basically, it means that after about two years in Singapore, he will be assigned to yet another country (currently unknown) and most likely another one after that.

So what to do about the house? The first thing people ask us when they learn we bought a house, is whether we are renting it out. Many have advised us to do so, but I could not stand the thought of someone else getting to live there first especially after everything. Also, I'm of the opinion that it will be hard to find someone who will care for the house as much as we do.

My Mom keeps telling us to sell. This idea depresses us both as almost every detail in the house was given a lot of thought and consideration - we haven't even used any of the light fixtures I so carefully selected.

Though Earl did say that if there was a really good offer, he'd sell it. Maybe we should take a vote?


Glamma Momma said...

Hi! I think you could rent it out. Added income for you and hubby for your retirement. Because maybe eventually you'll have more blessings and be able to buy a bigger house here in our village :)
Let me know if you'll be renting it out sis ha. I can help you find a renter. We had my in-laws house (which is at the back of ours) being rented out.

Badet said...

Hi, been stalking your blog because I'm looking for design ideas for our house. We have a house just across your village, Sta. Catalina =). We bought the house around 2006, since then we weren't able to move in because we work in QC so we stayed at my parents house. People always bugged us about the house, we don't want to rent it out too for the same reasons. I'd like to think of it as just an investment.

Nicole said...

Hi Erlaine, still have yet to discuss it with Earl as he's been really busy lately.

Hi Badet, I know right? So hard to think that someone else will get to use it.

How's your house? A lot of people have told us that it will deteriorate quickly if no one lives in it. Is there anything we should watch out for when it comes to a long-term empty house?

Emil Adrian Altar (used to write essays) said...

Your blog has been a great help as I am looking for a H&L myself, I must admit I am greatly dissuaded from buying a unit but I still keep thinking that the village you chose is one of the better projects of Avida.

Right now, I am looking for people who might want to sell their property in ASC but as a young professional I would want something fresh, something that is really of my own effort.

I believe you and your husband don't need the rent money as much as others would so I say keep it. Just make sure someone from your family regularly checks on the property and do light repairs and maintenance. After all you've gone through to make this your own, I would say sentiments far outweigh any economic benefit you can get from renting it out.

Nicole said...

Hi Emil,

Thanks! I've since realized that none of the local developers will be perfect - some have made me thankful that we went with Avida.

Also, the village has better security due to the electrical fence and it has water 365 days a year.

So all things considered, I would say that no matter where you finally decide to buy your house, and whatever problems may arise, once you've fixed it to your liking, you will be happy with it in the end. =)

As to leaving things as is, that's exactly what we were thinking of so just keeping it is one of our options.

Badet said...

We just visited the house last weekend. And aside from the dust gathered and the dirty front door, the yellow walls are still pristine. The vinyl tiles that came with the unit medyo tuklap na pero ok lang since we're replacing them with tiles.

"Nabubulok ang bahay"... exact words we always hear from the parents... BUT I really don't get the logic behind this. When it comes to things, mas madali nga maluma pag ginagamit di ba? :P

Nicole said...

Thanks Badet! That definitely sounds reassuring.

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