29 December 2011

A New Road

It's called the Daang Hari-SLEx link.

Currently, the shortest way to get to the house is via a thoroughfare called Daang Hari (loosely translated means "way of the king"). This road is also the fastest way to reach the South Luzon Express Way (SLEx) which is used by almost everyone to get to the various business districts. So you can imagine just how congested it gets during rush hour especially when a three-lane road merges into a one-lane bottleneck.

A friend, who lives in one of the many villages along Daang Hari, once told me that the normal 15 minute travel time from her house to Alabang triples to 45 minutes in the morning. It's then another hour from Alabang to Makati where Earl's office is located. Given that scenario, it will take him around two hours just to get to work.

But there is now hope in the horizon! First, workers are now widening the road thus the bottleneck will soon be a thing of the past. Second, is that there will be a more direct route to the SLEx hopefully by late 2012.

Here's the news article with the details:

Ayala bags 1st PPP road project

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