23 March 2010

The Deadline is Fast Approaching

And the house still looks like this (at least as of 21 March 2009):

The thing is, it also looked like this two weeks ago. Turn over by March 31? It will take a miracle.

On the other hand, construction on the neighbor's house seems more advanced (see below) - note that when we visited the site in September of last year, they hadn't even started digging. We know this for a fact since you would need to pass by this house before you reach ours.

This then prompted another email to Avida:

From: Nicole
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 10:52 AM
To: AVIDA Ruth
Cc: AVIDA Ellen; AVIDA Archie;

Hi Ruth,

The contractor confirmed over the phone a few minutes ago that the house will not be finished in time for March 31.

I mentioned to him that we've been visiting the site almost every week for over a month and there has been no progress (from what we've seen). We also pointed out that there are two houses on our street that were started late last year but it looks as though they are now at the same construction stage as our house - one even has the walls inside painted already and the window openings are ready for actual window installation.

The window openings of our house still need to be smoothened out with cement (you can still see the holes made from cutting the wall).

So our question is, what now?




AEC said...

Goodness! What you're going through must be extremely frustrating! I suggest you go straight to whoever is the head of construction or turn over or whatever. Or send them a demand lawyer for breach of contract. Tsk tsk. -Mandy

Nicole said...

Hi Mandy =) Yup - and that's too put it mildly! We've been talking to the head office (though not much has come out of it). Good thing, Earl's uncle is a lawyer so we're meeting up with him this Sunday to check what our options are.

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