20 August 2010

Window Shopping: Finishing Contractor

I think everyone wants a supplier who can be trusted to do the job well at the same time charge cheaply. But since that magical combination has eluded us, here are the quotes we received from two of the suppliers mentioned in the last post.


• Tiling of Ground floor
- area = 44.81 sq.mts
- labor and materials
- surface preparation and leveling of floor
- supply and installation of sand, cement, tiles (per submitted sample) & grout

• Windows
- supply and installation of owner approved wood casement for windows (interior)
- supply and installation of grill works on all windows (exterior - french window design) per owner approved design

1.00 mts x 1.20 mts - 3 pcs - wood casement and grill works
1.50 mts x 1.20 mts 10 pcs - wood casement and grill works
1.80 mts x 1.20 mts - 1 pc - wood casement and grill works
0.50 mts x 0.50 mts - 2 pcs - grill works only

• Fabrication of Dirty Kitchen Countertop w/ Sink
- supply of labor and materials for form works & concreting of countertop - 1.80 mts x 0.60 mts
- installation of owner supplied tiles and kitchen sink
- includes plumbing works

• Tiling of Ground Floor T & B
- floor and walls
- area = 20.44 sq.mts
- labor only
- surface preparation, leveling of floor, application of water proofing
- installation of owner supplied tiles, sand cement & water proofing

• Tiling of Second Floor T & B
- floor and walls
- area = 18.86 sq.mts
- labor only
- surface preparation, leveling of floor, application of water proofing
- installation of owner supplied tiles, sand cement & water proofing

• Electrical Works at Study Room
- labor and materials
- chipping works and restoration of affected areas
- supply and installation of 2 pcs. 2 gang C.O, 1 pc telephone extension line, 2 pcs water heater C.O.

• Repainting of Interior Ceiling & Walls
- labor and materials
- ground floor
- second floor
- per owner approved colors, walls = semi gloss, ceiling = flat finish
- including cornices, baseboards, window casements

• Relocation of Back Door
- labor and materials
- removal of existing door, chipping of wall
- installation of CHB to cover affected area
- restoration of existing exterior wall finish
- plastering of interior CHB wall
- re-installation of existing door

- Maven Architects Studio

Telephone Numbers: 0917 533 6223, 0908 861 7800
Email: christine_bem@yahoo.com

Price: Php 445,314 excluding VAT

Notes: Through Benark Builders, Inc. which is their affliated contractor. We are hiring her for the architectural drawings instead as the rates given were not bad (at least in our opinion).

- Rabacon Construction

Office: 4F Garcia-Jovellanos Bldg., 2215 Rd. 3 Fabie Estate, San Jose, Sta. Ana, Manila
Telephone Numbers: 562 6697, 0927 926 7808
Email: mjg_rabacon@yahoo.com

Price: Php 260,599 excluding VAT

Notes: The operations manager, Maricel Garcia, is an interior designer. But while we will not hire her in that capacity, she told us she can help us out with space planning for free. Which suits me just fine as I want to do the decorating myself.


G said...

hi sis, would like to ask some advice from you regarding tiling...which is better--lighter or dark shade on the ground floor? how about on the second floor? para kasing gusto ko dark tiles sa second floor pero my friend says panget daw pag dark and the other friend said naman it's nice pag dark tiles sa taas. confused lalo ako hehe.

super thanks in advance for your help. =)

Nicole said...

Well, from what I've read the color of the floor will depend on the color of the walls and the furniture.

Another thing to consider is that if you have a very light colored floor, dirt will be seen more easily and you'll need to clean more often.

Here's page 61 of Libby Langdon's Small Space Solutions:

- If you have furniture covered in light fabrics, consider painting your walls a darker color. This will highlight what you have and add depth and dimension. (And vice versa: If you have furniture in darker tones, keep the colors on your wall lighter.)

- Consider the color on the floor as much as the color on the walls or furniture. If you have dark furniture, opt for light floor coverings; if it's all dark, it can visually "weigh down" your space - you don't want it to feel like a black hole in there!

G said...

thanks sis for this info and for sharing your readings in your blog...sobrang nakakatulong talaga lalo na sa akin na starting to build home na rin..

Godbless lagi...and Goodluck to your homebuilding!

Nicole said...

Glad to help G and goodluck with your house too!

Maricar said...


I learned a lot reading your blog. Am going thru the same delay issues right now with Profriends and it is truly stressful!!!

Am praying that the house will finally be turned over this end of February so am looking for contractors to do the work I have in mind. I am definitely calling Rabacon - may I mention that I got their name from your blog? - but would you mind sharing the contact info of the other contractors referred to you? I cannot find them online. Thank you so much.

Nicole said...

Hi Maricar,

I know how you feel =) Yes, you can definitely mention it when you call Rabacon.

As to the other contractors, I did not include their contact information as they did not have time for us. But you can try your luck with Wilfred Daze:

Wilfred Daze Construction Corporation (WDCC)

Mr. Willy Quito
0917 256 3335

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