07 August 2010

Electrical: Alecto General Technology Corporation

Those who have read this blog know the problems that led to our needing an electrical overhaul (which you can read here and here).

And I must say that I still feel really bad when I think about it - which is almost constantly unfortunately for those around me. I usually end up ranting about the situation and snapping at others at the drop of a hat!

But as someone mentioned in an email recently, I've got to move on so we can move in. Thus the search for an electrician.

Luckily, my desk at work is located in the same area as the facilities group so I asked Edwin, the facilities manager, for recommendations. He only gave me one name, Alecto, saying that out of all the big name electrical companies he has worked with, they are the only ones who have yet to fail. He likes their work so much that he also hired them when he built his house a couple of years ago.

We asked Alecto for a quote but it was a bit steep so I prodded Edwin to give me another recommendation. He hesitated before giving me the name of another company, Net Pacific, saying that he can't entirely vouch for them. I assured him that it was okay as I just want options.

Net Pacific's rate was double that of Alecto! Note that we sent the same information to both suppliers to make sure they would not give a quote for different items. Basically, when Alecto sent their bill of quantities and the scope of work, I just erased the figures and gave it to Net Pacific for them to fill in the blanks so to speak.

Still wanting more choices, I then asked Patrick, also from the facilities department, to give referrals and he too just gave Alecto's name stating that they're only one who's good.

I also inquired with others for suggestions - the people from the chat group, a few readers of this blog, but by then Earl had already made up his mind.

We are going with Alecto.

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