09 August 2010

Window Shopping: Existing Electrical Service Upgrade

The "Electrical Kit" we sent to suppliers contained the floor plan with notes on what we wanted done and where, the electrical plan and pictures of the panel board. It also contained the following information provided by Alecto:


- Additional Power Load

1. Provide and install new 3 – 30Amp Circuit breakers at space of your existing panel.
2. Provide and install the 3/4" dia PVC conduit from panel board to additional ordinary convenience outlet, aircon, water heater and washing machine.
3. Provide and install new wires of 3 #3.5mm2 THHN for additional ordinary convenience outlets and washing machine.
4. Provide and install new wires of 2 #5.5mm2 and 1 #3.5mm2 THHN for additional load of water heater and aircon units.
5. If necessary we shall do the chipping and restoration works for layout as specified in the proposed location of additional loads.
6. Provide and install of wiring devices (convenience outlet), “National” brand to the proposed location of power outlets.
7. Provide and install additional loads for water heater and aircon units, “National” brand to the proposed location of power outlets.
8. Terminate, test and commission.

- Lighting System

1. Provide and install 3/4” dia PVC conduit including boxes and fitting for additional switches at specified locations.
2. Provide and pulling of 3.5mm2 THHN wire from existing lighting fixtures going to new switches.
3. Relocate and reuse existing lighting fixtures affected by the renovation works.
4. Provide and install additional 4 sets of dimmer switch to specified locations.
5. Provide and install additional 2 sets of 3-way switch with faceplate and 1 gang switch with faceplate.
6. Terminate, test and commission.

- Telephone Works

1. Provide and install 1/2" dia PVC conduit including boxes and for the new telephone outlet from existing telephone outlet.
2. Provide and pulling of telephone cable from existing outlet going to new telephone outlets.
3. Terminate, test and commission.


- For Power System

A. 1. 5.5 mm2 THHN wire - 78 meters
2. 3.5 mm2 THHN wire - 162 meters

B. 1. 20 mm dia PVC pipe - 85 meters
2. Adaptor Connector - 100 pcs
3. Locknut & Bushing - 100 pcs
4. Junction box - 30 pcs
5. Utility box - 20 pcs

C. 1. Duplex convenience outlet, grounding type with face plate - 5 sets
2. Special outlet with face plate - 6 sets

D. 1. Circuit breaker 30AT, 100AT Koten brand - 3 pcs

- For Lighting System

A. 1. 3.5 mm2 THHN wire - 10 meters

B. 1. 20 mm dia PVC pipe and connectors - 20 meters
2. Adaptor Connector - 30 pcs
3. Locknut & Bushing - 30 pcs
4. Junction box - 5 pcs
5. Utility box - 10 pcs

C. 1. 3 – way switch with face plate - 2 pcs
2. Dimmer switch with face plate - 4 pcs
3. Single pole switch with face plate - 1 pc

- For Telephone

A. 1. 2 pair wire - 18 meters

B. 1. Modular jack with cover - 2 sets

C. 1. 15 mm dia PVC pipe and connectors - 19 meters

- Alecto General Technology Corporation

Office: 9694 Pililia corner Conception Sts., Makati City
Telephone Numbers: 890 2571, 890 2492, 890 3604, 895 5652
Email: alecto@mydestiny.net

Price: Php 118,000

Notes: Originally, their quote was for Php 121,230 so we asked for the option of getting the majority of the materials ourselves and just paying for labor which amounted to Php 85,000 (inclusive of miscellaneous items). A trip to Wilcon Builders' Depot showed that we would save Php 3300 if we purchased the materials. In the greater scheme of things, that's not much considering I would need to go on leave just to wait for the delivery so we decided it wasn't worth it.

As to the discount, that was courtesy of Patrick, my office mate mentioned in the last post, who talked to his contact at Alecto. So now, it's as though we're getting the materials at cost.

- Net Pacific, Inc.

Office: 3QA, ODC Bldg., 219 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Telephone Numbers: 893 9306, 893 4953
Email: abbie@netpacific.net
Website: http://www.netpacific.net/

Price: Php 240,955

Notes: Their labor cost alone was Php 120,000. Enough said.


Maxi said...

Wow electrical pa lang yan, daig pa ang interior construction cost ko ah. Im sure you will never encounter any electrical problem na. I would also recommend that you also purchase TVSS. This will protect your electrical appliances from sudden drop or spike of power.

Why do you need another phone outlets? To save you on cost, use wireless phone. :-D

I also purchased my materials at Wilcon Filinvest, much cheaper than hardware near Avida Settings. Make sure you purchase in bulk to maximize the delivery charge.

Nicole said...

Well, not sure about never encountering another electrical problem but we certainly hope so.

Phone outlets are for the internet =)

Got it on the TVSS and Wilcon!

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