25 August 2010

Renovation Update 1

Tiles for the Second Floor Bathroom

Overwhelming sense of panic. That basically describes how I'm feeling at the moment.

You see, my sister has been telling me to look for tiles, paint colors, and other things needed for the house months ago. But I was too busy looking at international websites instead of checking to see what's locally available. (Well, I have been to the local home depots countless times but I was hoping they would have the tiles I was fixated on.)

Sadly, I have to raise a white towel to the fact they don't have the tiles I want. So now I'm now doing what I should have done to begin with - work with what's in front of me.

Well, Alecto has begun fixing the electrical mess to something we can actually live with. They started last August 16 and will be done after 25 days (maximum they tell me). We now have to buy the lights for them to install and check if everything is working properly.

Rabacon tells me that they can start next Tuesday. Yikes! We haven't even decided on color scheme of the rooms much less the actual tiles to be used. Due to major procrastination, I am scrambling to get everything done!

Progress was made though yesterday courtesy of my sister - she chose the tiles shown above. But I nearly had a panic attack earlier today when the sales lady at Wilcon advised that they no longer carried the mosaic tile border you see in the photo. I asked her to double check their warehouse and to call me as soon as possible. Thankfully, she called back with good news - they have all the tiles I've asked for. Crisis averted.

This episode also taught me that, if there's something I really like, to buy it right away as you'll never know if it will still be there tomorrow.

We plan to buy most of the lights needed for the house and settle the rest of the tiles this weekend. At least, that's the scenario I'm hoping for.

We've also decided to buy all the tiles from just one place to maximize the Php 800 delivery fee. About the delivery fee, while I understand that we are technically considered to be outside Metro Manila, I still can't see why it can't be waived considering the village is just 15-20 minutes away...


Second Floor Bathroom
Border - Lola Mosaic - 30cm x 30cm
Wall - Roman Gres Sandstone Bone - 25cm x 33.3cm
Floor - Sol Ceramica Kacha Brown - 30cm x 60cm


em said...

oh my gulay nicole! good thing you're now in the renovation phase. i followed your story from loan to construction and boy was it hardwork (plus lots of patience). hopefully the house runs out of bad things na before you move in.

Nicole said...

Em, your comment really made me laugh! Yes, it has been a rather frustrating ride and thanks for being on this rather bumpy journey with me =)

I'm also hoping that the tide has turned (so to speak), and that the problems we'll face are more of the "which shade of blue is better?" type.

Maxi said...

Long time no hear!

Im glad to hear that you're on your way purchasing your construction materials. Enjoy your shopping spree on depot. :-D

Just be careful with Wilcon, they charge too much on the delivery fee and there are time they dont fulfill their delivery schedule. Madami na akong pinagalitan dyan.

Anonymous said...

hi there sis

im also fixing up our place and will be transferring soon :-) based on my experience, lights (decorative, pinlights) are cheaper in Soler st in Manila. Wilcon and Home Depot also have the same lights but at higher price. Almost 4x. Grabe noh?!

Nicole said...

Maxi, yup it's been a while =) Thanks for the heads up on Wilcon! And yes, their delivery fee is a bit much =/

Hi Iris, yes they are expensive! Good thing I haven't bought everything yet. Maxi and I would like to know where Soler is please =) I think it's in Binondo but not exactly sure.

Maxi said...

Hi Nicole,

Im already on my last phase on interior improvements. Hopefully matapos na lahat lalo na ang non-stop na gastusin para walang major headache.

I was able majority of the pinlights at Binondo. Cheaper talaga sila and models are updated.

Nicole said...

I'll definitely be making a stop in Binondo soon =) Thanks Maxi!

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