13 June 2012

Online Garage Sale

We're moving! The destination will be the subject of a future post, but in the meantime we are organizing our stuff as we can't bring too much baggage with us (there's not enough room).

I tried looking for a flea market or swap meet in Manila, alas there was none to be had. So when a chat group I belong to put up an online garage sale in Facebook, it gave me an idea. Not everyone can be a member though, thus the new blogsite.

We're selling everything from bags, appliances to decor items, and I also included the surplus items that have not yet been sold. Here's a sample:

Price: Php 30,000

- 3 Gas burners including triple ring burner
- 1 (145mm) Electric hotplate
- Enamel trivet without safety device burners
- Gas thermostat oven, with safety device, electronic ignition
- Electric grill with rotisserie / oven light
- Minute minder (timer)
- #304 Stainless steel body
- Adjustable feet
- Tempered glass cover
- Dimensions: 600(W) x 600(D) x 910(H) mm

- regular price at Anson's - Php 36,445
- purchase price - Php 35,000
- never used
- buyer will need to pick-up the unit

Please visit http://twostoreysgarage.blogspot.com for more details.


Got to Believe said...

nicole! i was just about to comment on yourblog re HMR (we finally visited last weekend) when I saw the news on your move. goodl;uck to you guys and hope you'll still maintain your home blog, on your new home this time.

Nicole said...

Thanks Leslie!!! Yup, I definitely plan to continue at the new location =)

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