02 June 2012

Shop Hop: LRI Design Plaza

Imagine three floors dedicated to furnishings and art! If you want a one stop shop for furniture and decor, then this is the place to go to - they even have a few interior designers whose offices are located here.

And even if you're not in the mood to buy anything, I find that I can easily get decorating inspiration just by roaming the halls.

Here are two of the stores we checked out that day:

Simply Asian

We were drawn to the chocolate couch above and had we been moving into the house, I would have ordered it already. The price? Php 52,200 (10% off the original Php 58,000 tag). Considering it's made of solid wood with stainless steel legs, I'm thinking not bad as I've seen sofas made of medium-density fibreboards for the same price.

The dimensions of the one above are 230 cm (length) and 90 cm (depth), but they can customize it to your specifications and will adjust the cost accordingly.

They also sell art - the four frames were done by a local artist named Demi Padua and retail for Php 8400 each.


This store is regularly featured in home magazines due to their fun and quirky furniture. And during our most recent visit, I wanted to buy the frame below - you can give them a list of all the places you've been to and they will plot it on the map. The Have Love, Will Travel print costs Php 5900 inclusive of the frame.

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