25 June 2012

Renovation Update 11

Currently happening at the house:

1. We're having a narrow roof installed to cover the backdoor and the outside sink. At the moment, water comes into the house through the door whenever the rain is at certain direction. Also, those who need to use the sink can be sheltered from the elements.

2. Both doors will be switched to ones made of solid wood. Presently, the front door is only solid at the core and the backdoor is completely hollow so it's easy for anyone to hack them.

3. In line with the door change, we are also changing the knobs and adding deadbolts. So many people during the course of this renovation have had access to the keys, thus we're changing them completely.

4. We're having weather strips installed at the bottom of both the front and back doors to prevent rain and most insects from coming through the rather large gap.

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